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You Deserve To Have A Healthy, Happy, And Fulfilling Relationship

You Deserve To Have A Healthy, Happy, And Fulfilling Relationship

Sometimes in life, you have to settle for something less than you desire. However, a relationship should never be one of those things. Because we all deserve to have a healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship.

You deserve to have a relationship that brings out the best in you. A relationship that brings a sense of fulfillment and joy into your life. A relationship that makes your life happier and easier.

Here are 7 things that you deserve to have in your romantic relationship:

1. Compassion and empathy.

When you are going through tough times, you have a right to expect your partner to be your crying shoulder. Your safe haven. Your biggest cheerleader. Your hope.

Your partner should be patient and tender with you when you are hurting. They should do their best to ease your worries and help you get rid of whatever is weighing on you. They should show that it truly matters to them that you feel bad.

2. Affection.

Your partner may show affection in words and/or behavior, but physical affection, such as kissing, holding hands, or cuddling is essential in any romantic relationship. Your significant other should show that they love you and that they find you irresistible in a way which reaches you.

3. Understanding.

Perhaps you like to eat your toast with jam and cheese, and perhaps you like to sleep with the lights on. Whatever quirks, whims, or annoying habits you may have, your partner should never criticize you or judge you for them. Instead, they should understand them and let you know that they accept you and love you with all of your flaws.

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4. Laughter.

Your partner may not be that good at telling jokes, but they should still be able to make you smile and laugh. Because being truly in love with someone means wanting to see them joyful and fulfilled. It means being willing to do everything in your power to bring a smile to their face when they’re down in the dumps.

5. Open communication.

A healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationship is the one in which both partners are able to freely share their own feelings, opinions, ideas, fears, insecurities, and problems with each other without fear of being criticized, judged, or ignored.

If you and your partner can’t openly talk about anything with each other, then this is a sure sign that there’s something wrong with your relationship.

6. Mutual trust.

Mutual trust is a prerequisite for building a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship. Because if you and your significant other can’t trust each other, then what’s the point of staying in the relationship?

In order for you and your significant other to be able to entirely trust each other, you need to make sure you don’t bring the insecurities, fears, and problems from your past relationships into the present one. In this way, you’ll never have to worry that your partner will cheat on you or that they’ll leave you out of the blue.

7. Freedom.

You and your partner may have different educational, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. And you probably don’t share the same goals, plans, interests, likes, and dislikes in life.

What I’m trying to say is that you and your partner don’t have to do everything together. Of course, you will do some things together, but you need to give each other space to do your own thing.

Wanting to do things separately doesn’t mean that you don’t like the life you and your partner have together. It simply means that you both deserve to have a life outside of your relationship.

Riley Cooper