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You Broke My Heart, So Hear Me When I Say – You Are NEVER Coming Back


I’ve told you many times, “One day you’ll lose me, and you won’t get a chance to come back – ever.”

I’ve warned you, haven’t I? And yet, here we are. You’ve broken my heart once again. You’ve shattered it to million pieces. Just like the last time. Only now, I am neither waiting for you nor will I give you another chance if you come back. This time you aren’t going to fool me with your honey words and fake promises.

I am done waiting for you to end your stupid games and behave like a real man, ready for commitment.

My love for you was strong, it still is. How else could someone explain why I kept falling back into your arms? My love for you was so insatiable that it made everyone wonder how an intelligent woman like me can act so foolish for an emotionally immature man, incapable of offering her what she needs – love, truth, compassion, care… and stability.

However, I don’t regret it. The love for you has only made me stronger and smarter. I finally realized that the moment I had untied myself from your chains is the moment when I started living the best days of my life. Because finally, I am free to be the person I was always meant to be.

The days when I’ve waited for your call and for you to show up for me and show me that you really care are long gone. The days when I would rather spend all my nights crying than spend my life without you are gone as well.

You’ve broken me. You’ve taken away my happiness, hope, the spark in my eyes. You’ve made me weak so that you can always be the strong one. You’ve made me think that I cannot function without you, that I need you like I need air, but the truth is – you were the one who needed me.

You needed me because I’ve made you feel good about yourself. I’ve looked past your flaws and egotistical nature and loved you for who you are. I’ve loved you unconditionally.

And yet… you’ve put me through so much. I had to see how my whole world was collapsing in front of my eyes because I’ve made it revolve around you. I’ve looked myself at the mirror and saw a woman I’ve barely recognized. A woman with wounded knees and wounded heart.

You’ve broken me, but I am a better person now because of you because you’ve made me realize my worth.

So, if the next time you see me and you see the big smile on my face and suddenly you realize that you want me back – please, don’t ever come to me. Don’t even say ‘hello’. I am in a new world now. With many doors but none of your keys fit the locks.

You’ve lost me the moment you failed to see that I was enough, that I was everything…

And finally, now, I am happy. I am happy without you.

Mary Wright