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You Are Worthy Of Love: Let Go Of Your Toxic Friendships And Heal Yourself

You Are Worthy Of Love Let Go Of Your Toxic Friendships And Heal Yourself

I’ve been through many difficulties in life. I’ve had many people besides me. Some of them have been loyal and will always remain so. Some have arrived in my life, but weren’t meant to stay with me forever… And some, well some disappointed me beyond measure.

So, if there is something that I’ve learned from this life is this.

Not every “friendship” in life is worth keeping. Not every person you hang out with is your friend. Some of these people would give everything to see you sink. Some of them will even do whatever it takes to make you feel put you in the gutter.

These people are called toxic friends. They act like your friends, but deep down they hate you for everything that you are. They despise you because of your success, a happy life, a good partner. They make you doubt yourself. They are full of envy. One of the biggest signs that you are having a toxic friend beside you is feeling strangely exhausted and fatigued after spending some time with them.

So, now that you know a bit more about them, let’s take a look at how you can help yourself and end these toxic relationships. It won’t be easy, but I assure you, once you do it you will feel a sense of relief like you’ve never felt before.

Just remember. You are worthy of love!

Let go of your toxic friendships and start healing yourself:

1. Start by asking yourself the most difficult questions. Ask yourself what you are actually getting from them. Do you really want to be surrounded by people who would rather push you down than pull you up? They may be the only people in your life, but if they treat you like trash, they are not your real friends. Like I said, letting go of them will be hard, but it is the most important thing that you can do for yourself.

2. Identify your role in your relationship with this person. Analyze your relationship and find out how you got involved in such a toxic pattern in the first place. Compare yourself before and after them. What is it about you that gets you attracted to people like these? Try to solve the riddle and learn your lessons. While you will still need some work to avoid these relationships in the future, being aware of your patterns is definitely the initial, most important step.

3. Don’t be afraid to be honest with them. Make sure to approach them in a clear way. State your true intentions. If you finally decided to cut them off your life and focus on yourself, do it. You don’t owe them any explanation of why. No matter how uncomfortable or painful it feels, you need to do your best to let them know that your friendship is ending and there won’t be any second chances.

4. Distance yourself completely. Finally, keep in mind that it won’t be that easy to properly distance yourself from them. Especially with social media nowadays. It will be tempting for you to check up on them from time to time. But I strongly advise you not to. If you’ve finally set your boundaries with this person, finish what you’ve started and cut them off completely. This means not only from your real life but also from your virtual one.

And trust me, it is normal to feel regret, guilt, and confusion. In moments like these, it is important to remind yourself that you have a very good reason for doing this.

Stephanie Reeds