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Yes, I Still Miss You But I Get Why We Stopped Talking To Each Other


I never stopped missing you. Please, know that. I still think about you and the time we’ve spent together.

Maybe I don’t miss you like I want to get back together with you, but I miss you still. I miss you like you miss someone who has been an important person in your life. Someone who changed me and shaped me into the person I am today.

Our connection was strong. We loved each other with such an intensity and passion that I would lie to myself if I say that I don’t miss the way you made me feel.

However, I get why we split up. I know that we had so much potential to turn our relationship into something incredible and long-lasting, but we failed to do so. Instead, we let other things get in our way. We abandoned each other for other priorities, for other people…

It felt like one moment we were everything to each other, and the next we turned into strangers.

Sometimes I wonder whether I should’ve held onto you tighter and tried harder to make things work. Sometimes the words I’ve never told you still haunt me and keep me up at night.

But life goes on and it has a funny way of reminding us that nothing is permanent. Everything changes, so do we. We both moved on with our lives and I guess it had to be that way.

Still, when something good or bad happens, I want to tell you. Because I feel that only you can understand me. But I stop myself for doing it and I admit that it takes all the strength in me to not reach out.

Because I understand that we had our reasons for breaking up and not fighting to save our relationship. Instead of repairing the damage, we chose to let the ship sink. And maybe it’s for the best. Maybe things had to happen that way.

And I get why we stopped talking. It would’ve been too hard to keep each other into our new lives and see us move on with other people. Perhaps we don’t need to see how the other one is doing because not knowing is easier than the potential pain that comes from knowing.

In the end, what matters most is that we still think good about each other and we want the best for both of us. To find someone special who will love us, to be happy and live the lives we always wanted to live even if all this means we will never see each other again.

So, yes. I understand why we don’t talk anymore. But that doesn’t make me miss you any less. 

Mary Wright