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Women Can’t Believe That This Is The Best Age To Have Children, According To Science


Many women, nowadays, decide to postpone having children because they want to focus on their career, they want to travel more, or live with their spouse carefree before starting a family.

And all of these reasons are in contradiction with the many theories that say the best age for a woman to give birth is around her 20s.

However, it seems that theories are evolving and changing constantly. So, what’s the women’s ideal age to have a child?

According to Dr. John Mirowsky, a sociologist from the University of Texas, the best age for a woman to bear a child is 34.

This is because at 34, a woman has an optimal health and her body is fully prepared to carry a child. Some women’s health experts said that women should bear children at ages 34 and 35 because there are some body parts that can develop some health conditions or diseases when the woman is in her 20s.

Dr. Mirowsky has also pointed out that it can be dangerous for women to get pregnant in their late 30s and they should be very cautious during their pregnancies.

This is because, as the woman’s body ages, the chances of catching various diseases and complications during their pregnancy is rapidly increasing.

Moreover, many psychologists are also reaffirming Dr. Mirowsky’s theory. In fact, women who are aged 34-35, have a stable relationship with their partner, have achieved certain professional and personal success, are vital and energetic, and have matured enough to raise another human being – all these things make a woman in her 30s the most suited for conceiving a child.

Finally, it is very encouraged and perfectly fine for women to have children in their 30s. You should only remember that this decision is a life-changing one.

You need to be prepared before-hand because bringing a new human being into this world is a serious step and motherhood shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Mary Wright


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