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Why Most Relationships Fail These Days

Why Most Relationships Fail These Days

The divorce rate in America is higher than ever. People who were committed in long-term relationships end up separating and people in love tend to drift apart.

Of course, break-ups happen for a variety of reasons, and only the couple knows what is going behind closed doors. However, there are 4 main things that are usually the reason why couples fall out of love and separate.

1. They Don’t Trust Each Other

In this world of Tinder, where cheating has become a common occurrence, and we have invented so many labels to describe our connection, from one night stands to open relationships – it is very hard for partners to trust each other truly. And when partners don’t trust each other, that relationship is doomed to fail because mistrust leads to arguments, anxiety, anger, depression… and because it is the thing that is essential for a healthy relationship, the lack of it, breaks the relationship sooner or later.

2. Lack of Communication

Lack of communication happens for many reasons. Sometimes, partners don’t communicate because they don’t want to argue and cause problems, and sometimes they bottle their feelings because they don’t want to hurt their partner. Communication is vital when it comes to healthy and loving relationships and the break in communication inevitably results in a break of the relationship.

3. Not Willing To Work On The Issues

When partners stop being best-friends and willing to work as a team to solve their problems, that’s when they become enemies and their relationship falls apart. On the other hand, partners who are willing to work together to solve their issues, admit their mistakes, and don’t shift blame – their relationship will become stronger and the bond within them will deepen.

4. Not Being In Love

There are times when partners are together for many reasons, but sadly, love is not one of them. And without love it is very hard to sustain a relationship yet alone marriage. Love is the glue that binds two people together. Without it, the relationship can hardly survive.

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Mary Wright