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Why Fate Bring Us Closer To Some People And Then Takes Them Away From Us


On this amazing journey called life, we come across a lot of people. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, we meet people with whom we instantly click.

The out-of-this-world feeling, the extraordinary sensation that flows through our body once we form an instant connection with these human beings is often indescribable.  People often say that you have to first feel that click to even try to find the words to explain it.

But, while some of us wonder how one person could be so intensely drawn to a stranger in just a matter of seconds, I like to believe that it is fate doing its job.

Think about it.

Everything that is happening to us right now is exactly what we need at this moment. The people that we meet are the people that we need right now. The ones we have to learn from. The experiences that we attract are the experiences that we have to go through in order to pass the most important lessons of life and evolve into a more conscious being.

The universe does work in mysterious ways. Just stop what you’re doing and look back at your life. If it weren’t for those people and those experiences in your life, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. You would probably be a different version of yourself.

No matter how much you refuse to believe, every person that comes into your life has a certain purpose for it.

There is a reason why we get attached to certain people more than others. There is a reason why we fall for specific human beings even when the whole world is telling us that we shouldn’t.

Because when you look back at your life, all of these relationships, regardless of whether they are still alive or ended up in flames, taught you something. They shaped your heart, opened your eyes and broadened your horizons. They made you stronger, wiser and braver.

The sad part is, we are not always strong enough to accept that some people are not meant to stay in our lives forever. Most of us fall very easily in love and don’t have safety nets, so when the person we thought was ‘our forever’ turns out to be just a ‘temporary thing’, we break to pieces.

We get mad. We get frustrated. We lose our hopes. We stop believing in love. And we blame ourselves for wearing our hearts on the sleeve.  We don’t understand how fate could take away someone so amazing from our life.

But what if that was their sole purpose? Have you ever thought of that?

Maybe the only role these people had in your life was to teach you how to let go and help you accept the fact that everything in life is temporary. Maybe the reason they came into your life in the first place was to help you understand that you should never take anything for granted.

Maybe fate brought you closer to them because at that moment they were the only people you needed in your life. Maybe they were sent to help you change, heal your wounds and when the time was up, they flew away because they were no longer needed.

Maybe they were just your stepping stone to something else in life.

Whatever their purpose was, you have your whole life to discover it.

Stephanie Reeds