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The Real Reason Why Empaths Always Fall For The ‘Wounded Narcissist’


Empaths and narcissists are extreme opposites. So, when they enter a relationship together, the end result will be a disaster. Why?

Because being in a relationship with an empath feels like heaven for the narcissist. The narcissist who has a hunger for attention will feed on the empath’s love and attention. However, this relationship for the empath can feel like hell and it can lead to emotional and mental distress.

So, why these two opposites are attracted to each other? Why empaths constantly fall for narcissists?

Well, it’s because empaths are one of the most honest and loving people out there who feel the pain of others as their own. They are the natural givers and helpers. Their compassion and ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes makes them strong but also vulnerable to be used and abused.

Narcissists, on the other hand, are takers. They are selfish human beings that will manipulate anyone into thinking that they are honest people in order to use others into fulfilling their desires. And the empaths will believe them because they think all the people are good and honest as they are.

The empath will start believing that the rotten behavior of the narcissist comes from being painfully wounded in the past. And the narcissist doesn’t have a problem taking advantage of the empath’s good heart.

Empaths can also have difficulties at setting boundaries of what is acceptable for them and what’s not, and this gives more power to the narcissists. Narcissists will use their lack of self-respect to gain total control over their life so that they can exploit them for their own gains.

Once the empath falls into the narcissist’s web, it is extremely difficult to get out. The narcissists are pathological liars and masters of deception. They can keep their victims trapped with their well-spoken methods to get what they want.  

The empath will most likely won’t have any idea what’s happening in the beginning, and when they realize it, it’s usually too late. They are so addicted and so “in love” with the narcissist that they find it impossible to leave the situation.

Finally, will these two opposites be able to find balance ever? Some say the opposites attract, but in this case, it is almost impossible to work out between them.

The empath will start feeling sick of being constantly accused of everything. Yes, it may take some time, but eventually, they’ll give up and they will walk away from the relationship. But this relationship will leave deep wounds and scares to their heart. They will never be the same.

Mary Wright