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Why Being A Single Woman In Your 30s Is One Hell Of An Opportunity


There are people who pity these women. And it’s not their fault, it’s our society that conditions us that we are supposed to get married and have children by a certain age.

And somehow women are more judged and viewed with pity than single men in their 30s. Why is that? The benefits from being sans partner in your 30s can be obvious to others but only if they are picturing a single man. For women, things a little bit different.

Well, stop with all that nonsense. Single 30-something women do enjoy their life! And here are some of the things about being unattached that makes their life so much better.

They are okay going places alone. And they enjoy it.

There are people who cannot imagine going to someplace alone, they need a partner for everything. And we can’t blame them, I mean they have been in long-term relationships their whole life, so that’s all they know.

When you have been flying solo for the most part of your life, you have gotten used to going to engagement parties, birthday parties, or weddings alone. And this is a great thing because you know, life as unpredictable as it is can put you into situations where you must fly solo even though you do happen to find a partner that suits you (and you inevitably will if you are looking for one).

They have all the time in the world to make stable friendships with quality people who fit them well.

The friends that you made during your college years are circumstantial friends. They rarely become lifetime friendships. Once everyone begins to peel off into adulthood, you will realize which type of friends you want to have in your 30s.

In your 30s you are not choosing friends out of convenience. You choose them because of the quality they bring to your life. This being said, if you are single in your 30s you have more time to invest in making stable friendships with extraordinary individuals that will inspire you on many levels.

Dating is much easier for them. Why? Because they don’t take bullsh*t from anyone! A guy who wants to play games and waste some girl’s time will most likely date a girl in her 20s. A woman in her 30s knows better.

They learned how to do things they may not otherwise.

Because when things get really real and adult, and you don’t have a partner or your family around you to help you, you learn how to do it yourself. And that’s called growing and being a responsible adult!

They can travel with greater freedom. They can decide to go on a trip to Spain to see their friend’s band play live in a heartbeat. Because they are single, fabulous, and they are fully enjoying every moment of their life.

When you are married, or in a relationship, you can’t just decide to go somewhere unexpectedly in the last minute. And while having a family is a beautiful thing, there is also some liberating beauty in being able to instantly say ‘yes’ to a last-minute trip to Egypt.

They get to learn from the mistakes of others.

If you are in your 30s and you are single, chances are you have probably seen a lot of your paired-up friends getting married or having children. And you get to learn a lot from them and their mistakes.

And maybe, after you see the whole real picture of having kids and the amount of hard work and sacrifice they need, you might change your mind about having your own after all. This is not to say that children are not worth the sacrifice – they are. But some women are just not ready, and that’s okay.

Every day is their own.

Yes, it is luxury to wake up every morning and being able to do everything that you want. When you are single, you can shape your day in whatever way you desire.

Of course, you may have a job that requires a lot of your time, but after work – you are free to be yourself and do your own thing – hitting the gym, reading a book, listening to music while drinking wine, going on a date… the choices are endless. And that’s just fabulous!

They can change their whole life on a whim. Are you familiar with the thing called ‘midlife crisis’? Well, single people in their 30s and 40s don’t have to be, because they won’t experience that.

As a single 30-something woman you have good health and finances on your side to go on and make any transformation in your life that you want. Single people can easily decide to change jobs, houses, or decide to move to Paris for example.

The world is their oyster. And they take every opportunity that presents to them.

Mary Wright