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Who Said That Being Married Has Anything To Do With Settling Down?


Most people believe that we shouldn’t be quick to tie the knot before we experience almost everything life has to offer.

The general opinion is that the minute you get married, everything you once knew comes to an end.

People tend to believe that all exciting things and experiences in life like exploring the world, traveling around the globe, pursuing your career, chasing your wildest dreams. enjoying your youth stops when you finally utter the old, faithful “YES, I DO”.

As a result, more and more people who fear a potential ‘holy union’ decide to stay alone and dedicate their lives on finding the purpose for their existence, experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures and reconnecting with their inner selves.

And while that’s something we all need to do in life, there’s something that keeps bothering me in this whole story.

Who said that getting married means settling down forever?

Who says that a marriage is the equivalent of a prison cell?

Getting hitched with the one you love doesn’t mean forgetting yourself and putting your life on the shelf. The fun shouldn’t stop there. On the contrary, it should be the starting point for even more adventurous and exciting experiences in life.

I get it, most of you out there fear the daunting responsibility of settling down and embracing the difficulties of domestic life and all the consequences that come with.

But, the thing is, no one forces you to do things the usual way. You are free to live your life the way you intend to.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not some kind of a conservative preach to force young couples to get hitched. But rather, an honest opinion about the world’s trends nowadays.

Luckily, there are couples who break this stereotype. Couples who have proved that being married shouldn’t be perceived as the end of a person’s life.

In fact, when you think about it everything that you’ve ever wished to experience as your single self, is right there waiting for you.

Only now, you can do it with the person you love the most and experience it on a higher, much profound level. You get to live the life you want and feel the most sublime and incredible feeling in the whole Universe.

Your partner should not be an obstacle on your journey to fulfilling your dreams. On the contrary, he should be your companion, your teammate, a person who would be there for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part.

Partners should be a team, they should be best friends. When you finally reach this stage, you will be able to conquer the world together.

So, instead of choosing to stay alone, choose to fall in love and dare to marry the person you love.

Marriage means unconditional support, it means opening the door to a whole new experience.

It means sharing a life with another human being who happens to fully understand your madness and accepts the very darkest depths of your soul.

It means sharing a life with a person who loves and enjoys your wild side. It’s feeling safe but at the same time free in the loving embrace of your partner.

It means having a person by your side who isn’t afraid to help you spread your wings and fly in the desired direction.

So, if the fear of settling down too soon is making you doubtful, it is time let it go. Getting married is not about losing yourself, but rather about finding parts of yourself in another human being.

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Stephanie Reeds