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When You Really Really Love Someone, You Don’t Give Up, Ever

When You Really Really Love Someone, You Don’t Give Up, Ever

When you really and I mean really love someone from the bottom of your own heart, you do everything to keep that love going. You compromise, you go out of your way,  you bend over backward, you risk, you sacrifice yourself, you do even the unimaginable, but you don’t give up on it, ever.

You don’t take your love for granted.

You don’t hurt the one you love.

You don’t forget how blessed you are to be by their side.

No matter how difficult the road gets, you hold their hand and you fight. Together. You fight with all of your heart and soul. With all of your being. And whatever you do, you don’t give up. EVER. No matter how challenging it seems, no matter how dark the road gets, you keep on showing up and you keep on trying because there is something that is bigger there. Bigger than what you are going through. Bigger than your fights. Bigger than both of you.

You put in the effort even when it feels hard to do so.

You do it because you care.

Some days putting the effort means sucking the ego up and calling to check on them after a big fight.

Some days it means staying up the entire night to help them finish a project that has been weighing them down for too long.

Some days it means agreeing to watch a movie that you hate just because they love it.

Some days it means saying I love you and you are the most important thing that ever happened to me no matter how angry you are at them.

Some days it means laughing at their father’s jokes even though they aren’t funny at all.

Some days it means going to events that mean a lot to them even though you’d rather stay at home and sleep.

Some days it means allowing them to let their rage out on you.

When You Really Really Love Someone, You Don’t Give Up, Ever

Some days it means wiping their tears.

Some days it means taking the blame no matter how innocent you are.

Some days it means putting up with their selfish needs.

Some days it means laying next to them without saying a word.

Some days it means listening to them talk all day no matter how exhausted or annoyed you are from talking to people.

Some days it means driving to the other side of town just because they wanted to try that new delicacy in that fresh restaurant that has opened.

And some days it means resisting the urge to shout at them and let them know that they are overacting.

Because deep inside your heart, you know that it is the only thing they need at that moment. And so you do it. Because you care. You care more than they can imagine. 

Ah, just like Bobby Caldwell once sang…”In my world, only you make me do for love what I would not do…”

Ah, what you won’t do for love, am I right? 

That’s the thing. When you really, really, really love someone, there isn’t anything that you wouldn’t do for another person. There isn’t a force strong enough that will stop you from showing the person you love how much you love them.

When you really, really, really love someone, you fight.

You fight with your whole being. And you, my friend, don’t give up. Ever.

Stephanie Reeds