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When You Are With The Right Person, You Won’t Have Eyes For Anyone Else

Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes It Impossible To Love Anyone Else

When you are with the one who chooses you every single day, the one who is committed to you, the one who is always there to lift you up whenever you feel down, the one who only has eyes for you, and considers you a part of their life, a part of their destiny – then you won’t fall for anyone else.

Find someone who holds your hand and wants to fight the battles with you together. Someone who sees the spark in your eyes and is the luckiest person for having you as their partner. Someone who doesn’t let you give up, but reminds you how strong you are every day.

Fall in love with the one who makes love feel easy, the one who adores everything about you, the one who challenges you and inspires you to be the best that you can be. Someone whose love caresses your mind as well as your heart.

Be with the person who respects you, values you, and knows your worth. The one who loves the real you, flaws and all. The one who admires your personality and thinks you are the most amazing person. The one who is committed to building a life with you.

Don’t settle for less. Because you deserve to have the love you dreamed of. Be patient. It’s better to wait than be with someone with whom you know you don’t belong. The right one will come. And until then…

Keep growing.

Keep learning.

Keep shining.

Mary Wright