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When You And Your Partner Are In Love With Each Other, You Plan Your Future Together


You will find someone faithful, someone sincere, someone mature, someone ready to put in the effort and be in a real relationship. And even though you may come across someone who hasn’t everything figured out in their life (which would probably be the case), don’t dismiss them. Because you probably don’t have your life together as well. And when you enter a relationship with someone, sometimes you will mess things up. But you will keep on growing together, you will learn together.

Because when you are in love with someone, you plan your future together. You figure things out together.

When you are truly in love with someone, you both plan how to travel the world together. You join your finances. You divide your household chores. You do the grocery shopping together. You do adult things that have a huge impact on the future of your relationship.

When you really love someone, you plan on living together and you do it. And when you start living together you learn how to compassionately and effectively communicate with each other. You learn how to handle arguments and conflicts. How to solve problems from routine ones like taking out the garbage to serious ones like an application for a loan.

When you love someone, they are your partner in crime. They are the ones you should be thinking of immediately during hardships and crises. They should be your go-to person in bad times and in good times. And you for them as well.

When there is true love between you, you work on every problem together as a team.

The truth is, you can’t know what will happen tomorrow. You can’t predict what will the future bring. You can only love someone, and they can love you and you can both put an effort to make it work.

If you or your partner gets sick, you both deal with it. If you or your partner loses a job, you both deal with it. If you or your partner makes a mistake, you both deal with it.

Yes, there are some things that you should talk to your partner that can predict the future of your relationship. Things like whether you want children or not, whether you want to live in the city or the countryside, whether you want to be married or not. If you and your partner can’t see eye to eye on these things, then the best thing to do is to separate because obviously your relationship is doomed to fail.

However, if you both want the same things and if you are willing to make things work and fight for your relationship, then you will do everything as a team. You will plan vacations, you will buy a home together, you will decorate it together, you will plan your future together… you both will equally give to the relationship.

Finally, you and the person who really loves you will make mistakes together, but you will also heal together. You will learn how to go through life hand by hand and become an unstoppable force that can take on the world.

Mary Wright