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When A Woman Is Done, Nothing Will Make Her Change Her Mind


It is a natural thing for women to go bravely through their life’s hardships. It is also said that women do have a larger tolerance for pain, so they can literally bear more things than their male counterparts.

However, this is until they decide they are done. Even though women are stereotypically classified to be indecisive, still, when a woman decides that she is done, then nothing that you do or say will make her change her mind.

This includes all kinds of relationships, especially romantic ones. Whether they are dating, or they are in a committed relationship, if she decides that her partner has crossed the line – she will end the relationship without a second thought.

Of course, it is possible to bring her back if you are truly sorry and you really want to make it work. But, if you hurt her deeply and if you manage to screw up everything – it is definitely over.

When a woman realizes that you willing to let her go, she will be smart enough to walk away from you first and she won’t ever look back.

You know what they say, a woman’s problem is that she thinks that her man will change – he won’t. A man’s problem is that he thinks that his woman will never leave him – she will.

Because, after all, what reasons does she have to stay? You took her for granted, you broke her trust, you hurt her, and all the love that she had for you little by little started withering away until she finally stopped loving you.

And maybe it is for the best, after all. Maybe you two were not meant to be together.

If, however, you think that she was the right woman for you and you want her back, you must ask her for forgiveness. Even more so, you must try and change her negative emotions towards you into positive ones. It will take time, but it will be worth it if you are truly sorry and you realized that you made a mistake.

Reminisce only about the good days, leave the bad ones in the past. And try to create even better memories. New memories will refresh your relationship and will ignite the lost fire in both of you.

If you know in your heart that the love that you both had for each other was pure, then you should try and give your relationship another chance before starting a new one.

However, bear in mind that both of you need to do a lot of inner work and self-reflection if you want to have a stable and secure relationship. Because only two healthy and stable individuals can form a healthy and stable relationship.

If you are not able to do this – let her go. And let yourself go. For your own good. It is the only 

Mary Wright


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