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When A Man Ignores You He Only Teaches You How To Live Without Him

when a man ignores a woman

Why a man ignores you?

It’s the ‘hard to get’ myth – that the more a person seems distant and uninterested, the more obsessed we are with them.

Many men still falsely believe that acting like they don’t care about a woman would get them the results they want. That by ignoring a woman, they would get her to chase them instead. That she will fall in love with them and even become obsessed and do everything for them. Some men even think that if they treat their woman badly, she would offer them even more love and attention.

Well, many men forget the fact that these manipulative techniques could only work with inexperienced girls, and never with real women!

A real woman knows what she wants.

She is a fulfilled woman that doesn’t have time to play games. If you are ready to be real with her, to love her and treat her the right way, she will do the same for you. On the other hand, if she notices that you are not being honest, that you are playing games and you are not serious about her – she will walk away from you without turning back.

Because she knows that when you really love someone you can’t just ignore them.

When you love someone, you can’t withhold your love and affection because it is so counterproductive. A real woman loves to be loved and cherished and showered with attention all the time. She wants to be sure that you will have her back and that she can count on you always. If you are not giving her what she needs, she will leave you. Simple as that.

What happens when a man ignores a woman?

Also, many men think that in a relationship best is to not reveal their true feelings to their partner. They forget that the basis of any successful relationship is honesty. And real women value honesty more than anything. They know that they can never have true intimacy with a dishonest partner. They want their partner to be truly open, honest, and vulnerable with her. They want to know the depth of his soul. 

So, men, if you want to have a real woman by your side, turn off your cell phone when you are with her and focus only on her. Be caring, loving, and attentive. And always, always treat her with respect.

Only by treating her right, she could fall in love with you and reward you with even more love and affection and this could be a beginning of a wonderful relationship based on trust, love, and honesty. 

Only by loving her the right way, she will respond to you with even more love and affection. Because a woman doubles everything that is given to her, so don’t give her bulls**t if you plan on having her in your life.

Mary Wright


  1. On behalf of men, thank you for giving us the key to getting women to leave us alone. I’ve been ignoring women for several years now, and I’ve never been happier or more content. Thank you!

  2. When you spend all weekend with your woman.. take her out, go hiking, swim with the kids..do so much everyone is exhausted then on Monday she is messaging to say how alone she feels wtf.

  3. Rule # 1: The relationship advice that women give about how to treat women should be ignored.

  4. I don’t see the bad news here. It’s about time after a million years that women start to learn to do something without men. And men are better off without them whining, fickle weaklings anyway.

  5. Treat a woman right and she will treat you ten times nicer. People who respect and love each other has no room for hate and will always value their relationship. Giving up is just an option, staying in love through good and bad times is always the best. Good luck to all of us. Be loving.

  6. It really irritating. I live with a narcissist. He can’t stand to play any games I ever beat him at. He is only interested in playing the ones he can win. He ends up playing strategic games online with people and of course they die first and he is always helping them come alive again. He only cares about self validation. He wants everybody to know how much money he has (which isn’t much) how much credit debt he can get into $5000 whoopdeedoo and how many stocks he is investing. He is obsessed with his stupid fn online reputation. He thinks women are laying themselves at his feet when they are just sitting outside having fun. He claims people are looking at us when they are not. His world is full of unrealistic ideas. He is afraid to fly on a plane, never been out of the city, has a gun license, thinks he needs to control everything. If he can’t control me he either leaves or he goes online to his gaming where he has control. Like he can be reasonable about maybe 1/3 of the time. Otherwise everything has to be his way. He works only for a check. Not for learning anything new. If it becomes a challenge its time for him to check out. He doesn’t want to work hard. He works less than he games. He is really upset about nothing most of the time. Life is so bad. Yeah. You all might say you spend quality time with the family but women want men to step up to the plate and make a dinner. Make a breakfast. Do the laundry and put it away! Don’t put it on the bed for me to have to put away when I get home from a 10 hour day. I would rather have it left in the hamper till I can fold it myself. Basically narcissists suck. They suck the life right out of you if you let them. They can be dangerous. Driving is dangerous when they are mad and you never know when that is. Internet shopping is a narcissists dream except if you get their order wrong. They will do anything to fix something to the point they will break their own computer and spend hours fixing it. The families they aren’t raised in are any better. They depend on them which leads them back to depending on me. That is a nightmare. Getting them to commit to an appointment or anything is hell on earth. They want things they have not earned like your trust after they break it. They complain that you complain about the past, but in earnest us women who have put up with your sleeping with the enemy crap are really tired of it. Don’t leave the house messy when you want and then decide to rope me into cleaning when you are ready. I will clean when I am ready as well. Tired of slaving for you. Wont do it anymore. Got better things to do than cook a dessert for the narcissist mother in law who raised him who is competing with my dessert by making dessert knowing I am bringing it. What really is the point trying to do anything nice for them? They don’t appreciate it. When they don’t get there way they take your time by causing bull arguments for hours. Its not worth it. I walk out the door now on him. I’m done with the control, fear, nightmare. He can stay in his sulky bed or shower for hours for all I care. Charging him 75% for the electricity. Like many of my friends and poor women family members have learned too late after marriage because they want our nurturing ways. They envy us. Once they think they have learned all they can from you and you just don’t have energy and don’t wanna give them anymore ammunition they will attack anything. Destroy your id. Take your pills, do damage to stuff like your clothing. Hid your stuff. Gas Lighting. I know it well. I’m done. I hide my stuff. i take it with me to work. Want no part in him getting my passwords, financial info or bank cards. Heard him talk about how he f’d over his last gf bc she cheated? Not true. He left her alone on her birthday and was going to surprise her and she probably figured it was over because he tries to mess up our relationship twice per week. He doesn’t know how to have a healthy relationship. Even when I made peace with his crap he still wants to make trouble. He argues for arguments sake. A nonconformist. He left me alone on my birthday last year:( He started a fight with me. His mom is behind a lot of this nonsense. She body shamed me. She showed me her boob job. Mine are real.
    I like them. If they weren’t good enough for him why did he say they were fine. Very immature and not educated. He knows exactly what he is doing though. The excitement is fizzled out of our relationship. They fight when I’m there sometimes. A display of male vs female and so sexist. Yes she had 5 boys. Now they abuse her and use her.

  7. I don’t waste any time on men, they are a losing prospect. I am independent in every way and could care less. I am alone with no friends, no man and no family and couldn’t be happier. Loneliness and depression are not emotions I ever experience. All I care about is myself, my interests only and building my career. Period.


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