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What Men Feel Deep Down When They See A Pregnant Woman (It Will Melt Your Heart)


I recently talked about this with a man because I was curious to find what is going on a man’s mind when they see a pregnant woman. And I got pleasantly surprised by his answer.

He said that every pregnant woman is beautiful, and she is especially beautiful to her partner, the man whose child she is bearing. And what frustrates men is that half of the pregnant women out there don’t believe they are attractive.

For instance, consider this typical conversation between a pregnant woman and his husband:

The husband: “You have no idea how sexy you look right now.”

The wife: “No. I don’t look sexy. I am freakishly grotesque and fat. And you know it!”

The husband: (is left speechless) …

Unluckily, conversations like this one are not uncommon among future moms and dads.

Women can be their own worst critics, especially if they had a bad body image before they conceived. And men, on the other hand, feel helpless and don’t know what to do when their woman can’t accept their heartfelt and sincere compliment.

Even if their partner is completely understanding and devoted on the task to make them happy and feel beautiful, their words will fall on deaf ears if she doesn’t believe that her body is indeed – wonderful.

Men want to be heard. They want their woman to believe in them. When the future mother of their child dismisses their compliments, they feel dismissed as well. They feel utterly rejected by her.

And the most loving thing of it all is that when a man sees his pregnant woman, he immediately thinks of happiness, love, and affection. He thinks of her body as a sacred place which she shares with their future child.

He thinks of her as their most sacred treasure. He sees her as the most beautiful woman in the world. She is ‘home’ to him. He feels an inexplicable warmth and his heart is overflowing with emotions of love whenever he sees her perfect belly.

Isn’t this wonderful? 🙂 

Mary Wright