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What Is the Difference Between Xeomin Vs. Botox?


Xeomin, Botox, are injectable neurotoxins injected for treating wrinkles as well as the fine lines on the face. They both have the botulinum toxin A type, which is a toxin. But they are absolutely safe, which is why they have both been FDA approved. Injectable treatments like these have become very popular in the recent years. They can make the skin look smoother and bring back the lost young-looking skin.

They work in the same way, and naturally, there are similarities. However, there are some key differences between them as well. Many have this common misconception that Xeomin is merely a cheaper version of Botox. That’s not true, as we will discuss here.

What Is Botox?

This cosmetic injection functions by paralyzing the facial muscles and nerves. The toxin will relax your muscles in the treatment area temporarily by blocking their nerve signals. As a result, the place will freeze. The brain keeps sending signals to the face, but the muscles still cannot move. This will make the wrinkle softer.

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Botox is very effective for the curing wrinkles between the eyebrows that are also known as the frown lines, crow’s feet, lip, forehead creases, cobblestoned skin, and lines in the corner of our mouths. Botox has gained worldwide fame with many celebs opting for it.

Make sure you get your Botox injections from the best therapist you can find to make sure that it is safe and effective. Always check the qualification and experience of your therapist before going through the process.

What Is Xeomin?

This medicine is from Merz Pharmaceuticals. It is used commonly to treat blepharospasm or cervical dystonia, also both moderate and severe instances of frown lines on the face, especially between your eyebrows. This makes your facial skin around your eyes look better. The medication is made from a bacterium, which causes botulism. Like Botox, this injection too, blocks the signals from the brain to your muscle, which will temporarily reduce muscle activity.

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Xeomin has been passed by the US FDA for cosmetic cures. It can also cure crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines. Almost a million individuals worldwide have been given the injection. It is available in 50 and 100-unit vials.

Similarities Between Botox and Xeomin

There are definitely many similarities between them. For example, they are both very effective in treating facial wrinkles, expression lines, which are caused by repetitive everyday muscle contractions. FDA has passed both these injections for treating forehead wrinkles, which are caused when we raise our eyebrows or from squinting. Both these neurotoxin injections treat facial wrinkles, lines in the same way – by calming the muscles.

Xeomin, Botox, provide temporary results because the muscles will start moving again, which will cause contractions. As a result, the wrinkles and lines will return. This is why follow-up treatments are required after a while. Typically, maintenance treatments are scheduled after three to six months. Your therapist will tell you when you should come next.

They both require similar doses as well – around 20 units. Dysport, another popular neurotoxin injection, however, needs a different dose.

Differences Between Botox and Xeomin

There is one main difference between them. It is in the formulation.

Xeomin is often called a “naked neurotoxin” because it only has one ingredient, which is the botulinum A toxin. Botox, on the other hand, has many protective proteins that are clustered around its active molecule. So, it can be said that Xeomin is purer in composition. But this doesn’t mean that Botox is inferior in any way.

There is a second difference. Both the treatments work for about the same time duration, with Xeomin, you will have to give 4 more days for the outcome to form fully, whereas Botox requires just 72 hours.

There is also, no need to refrigerate Xeomin before the injection will be pushed as there are no additional additives in it. The distribution and storage become easier as a result. Many clinics, especially the ones that are not that developed prefer Xeomin because of this.

Which Lasts Longer Xeomin or Botox

Both these injectable cosmetic treatments require maintenance sessions because their results will fade off with time. But when you compare to decide whether you should get Xeomin or Botox, you will naturally want to find out which treatment will last longer.

The manufacturers of Xeomin claim that the injection lasts longer than Botox. They claim it lasts longer by a couple of weeks. However, according to most cosmetic professionals, they both last for the same time, which is between three-six months. It depends on how big the treatment area is, the condition of your wrinkles, and also how your body is reacting. You must return for a follow-up session after this.

Each treatment session will need around 15 minutes. You must wait for a week at least, for both of them, before you begin to see the result.

The total longevity varies for everyone, depending on skin health and lifestyle. Some people will need fewer sessions than others.

What Age Should You Get It?

In most people, the fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear when they are just touching 30 or a few years later. Usually, you should get the injection at this time to get the best result. That’s because, when you delay, the creases will get accumulated in the same places over time. This will only worsen the condition. You can go for the cosmetic treatment even later, and it will still give you good results. However, you will probably require a higher dosage and more sessions.

Common Side Effects of Xeomin Vs. Botox

When comparing Xeomin vs. Botox, you will naturally want to find all about their side effects and determine which one is safer.

Xeomin and Botox are both safe, which is why they have been approved by the FDA. Xeomin can, however, cause mild neck pain, diarrhea, headache, dry eyes, and eyelid swelling. Botox can also cause headache, back and neck pain, a stuffy nose, sore throat, swallowing problems, flu symptoms, and problems with urination.

Most of these symptoms are mild and go away in a few days. However, you must certainly approach a doctor if they linger.

Modern science has provided many unique ways to solve everyday problems. It is also helping us look better and even reverse the aging process. Xeomin and Botox are both top cosmetic treatments now.

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