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Water in Venice Canals Becomes Crystal Clear As People Stay Quarantined

Marco Capovilla

Right now the world is going through one of the most challenging times in the 21st century – the fourth biggest outbreak since the H1N1 influenza pandemic… The novel Coronavirus has already spread all over the world and taken a toll on many countries.

But while streets are slowly emptying and cities are going on total lockdown, there’s something truly wondering happening out there. Something that we didn’t expect to see. Something that we have forgotten about a long time ago…

Nature is slowly taking over. Pollution has officially dropped down drastically. Satellite observations are proving that the radical measures taken by the governments have a big impact on the greenhouse gasses. And that’s not all…

It’s been one month since Italy declared a state of emergency and almost 10 days since Italian authorities announced lockdown. And so far, the streets are emptier, the air cleaner and the muddy waters of the Venice canal clearer than ever. So clear that all of a sudden, swans appear and fishes are visible. An image that I bet not many of has seen in Venice.

Marco Capovilla

Marco Capovilla

The city that we’ve been used to seeing swarmed with people is now empty and all that’s left are pigeons walking the deserted town squares and a few people rushing to the markets every now and then.

However, considering that through the years, Venice has suffered a great deal from the floods and the constant flow of tourism, it seems like now it’s finally time to let the city breathe and rejuvenate.

“The water now looks clearer because there is less traffic on the canals, allowing the sediment to stay at the bottom,” a spokesman told CNN news. “It’s because there is less boat traffic that usually brings sediment to the top of the water’s surface.”

Marco Capovilla

Artur Staszewski

People have captured and shared incredible photos of the crystal clear canals in Venice proving that while the situation for us may be worsening by the day, the natural world out there is coming back to life. It seems that fish are finally returning to the Venice canals. And while this sight is undoubtedly wonderful, it makes you wonder…

Have we any idea just how disastrous our impact on nature has been?

I believe this is something that each and every one of us has to think about. We’ve been so busy trying to make the best of our lives for so long that we’ve forgotten that we are not the only species on this planet. And now here we are. Trapped in our homes, worried and terrified about our future. Fighting to survive. Finding ways to continue living as if nothing is happening. And it’s hard. It’s really hard.

But honestly, if you ask me, it’s something that we should have experienced sooner. The truth is, we are the only ones destroying this planet. Humans are the real threat to life on Earth. We all know it, but not all of us are brave enough to admit.

This is the only way for us to slow down and finally realize that each and every one of our actions come with a consequence. The more we take from this world, the less we’re going to receive.

We’ve been loud for a very long time. It’s time to give this world a break.

Stephanie Reeds