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Wake Up! Technology Is Destroying Your Life And You Are Not Even Aware Of It


People, what have we become?

We’ve forgotten what it feels to go to dinner and have a nice, intimate conversation with our loved ones. We’ve forgotten how important it is to have manners and pay attention to people. We’ve forgotten how it feels to simply enjoy the silence. We’ve forgotten how it is to actually say what we mean without publishing it on Facebook.

We no longer know how to socialize.

We live in virtual insanity. We’ve lost absolute touch with reality. We no longer bother to go out and talk to someone because we can do it online. We no longer try to make a first impression, because all we care about is our big, fricking black mirror.

We no longer have fun. We no longer live life the way we are supposed to.

There was a time when our lives were much more colorful. We loved talking to people. We enjoyed socializing with one another. We danced. We laughed until our stomach hurt. We felt everything deeply. We loved purely from our hearts. We had no distractions. Yes, we had the technology, but back then we had time for pauses in our days. We behaved like real human beings and we knew what intimacy tastes like.

Nowadays, our lives are pretty much black and white. Grim, if you will. the internet is available 24/7. Every information that you need is right there waiting for you on a silver platter. You don’t have to struggle much to find it. Just type in the keywords and the browser will do it for you. You can search for literally everything your crazy little mind comes up with. You can watch YouTube at 5 am. You can order things and have them delivered to your table. You can do almost anything.

The sad reality is, you probably do all of the above. You and every other person on this planet. But meanwhile, what you don’t understand is that you are slowly but surely destroying your life and your relationships. You and every other person on this planet.

Wake up! Digital distraction is ruining your life and you don’t even know it. 

Wake up! Slow suicide is not the way to go.

Your life is hanging by a thread. And on top of it, you are wondering why you can’t find love and meet a normal human being. You are so lost and oblivious that you actually have no clue that you are the only one responsible for your chaos of life.

Technology is on the rise. But that is not all. Every day it is destroying your life more and more. If you cannot notice it, just look back at your life. I dare you! Think of the last time you had a real conversation with your friends. Chatting on messenger doesn’t count. Think of the last time you had a nice, relaxing evening with your partner. Watching Netflix doesn’t count. Think of the last time you went out for a drink or a lovely dinner date with your husband. Eating your burgers in silence while scrolling on your phones doesn’t f*cking count! Think of the last time you had real fun. Posting on Instagram about it doesn’t count!

We’ve become enslaved by modern technology and we are not even aware of it. We live in quiet desperation fooling ourselves that the more people follow us like us, the more important we are. Well, here’s the truth. You are living in an illusion.

Life is short enough as it is. Do yourself the favor and start living it the way you should. By being present and focusing on the real things. By loving the people around you. By reviving your love life. By ditching all of the distractions that make you nothing but a slave to modern technology.

TURN off your devices and just breathe for a while. Laugh. Smell. See. Talk. Hug. Kiss. Sleep. Eat. Live. Be free. Rediscover the beauty of reality.

There is life out of your social media profiles and your television shows and that is where the real freedom lies. Don’t ever forget about it.

Stephanie Reeds