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Wait For The One Who’ll Show You The True Meaning Of Love


Wait for the one who knows all your fears and anxieties and is trying everything they can to help you overcome them. The one who understands that your mind can be clogged with negative thoughts from time to time but knows how to get you out of that destructive mindset.

Wait for the one who gives you their full undivided attention. The one who listens. The one who makes you feel like you two are alone even when you two are in a crowded place. The one who sees only you in a room full of people.

Wait for the one who feels like home to you. The one whose presence makes you happy and at peace. The one who protects you and makes you feel safe.

Wait for the one who makes you see why it didn’t work out with everyone else. The one who makes you understand that everything happens for a season and makes you believe in love again.

Wait for the one who will give everything to see you laugh. The one who never leaves when you are angrily telling them to leave. The one who is willing to talk things over because they believe in you and your relationship. The one who never gives up on you.

Wait for the one whose actions speak louder than their words. The one who is consistent. The one who shows up for you whenever you need them. The one with whom you would never have to second guess yourself and obsess over things.

Wait for the one with whom you have a connection that feels natural and effortless. The one who meets your standards and expectations of what love should feel like.

Wait for the one who accepts you as you are, flaws and all. And they love you because of them. And they never, ever ask you to change but do inspire you to become a better person.

The one who understands that relationships are hard, and things can get messy between you, but still, is willing to do the hard work with you.

Wait for the one who shows you time and time again how beautiful love is. The one who loves you so much they are willing to do everything for you. The one who realizes you are a blessing to them and they would never do anything disrespectful or hurtful to you. The one for who you are willing to do the same.

Mary Wright

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Mary Wright