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Unconditional Love: Big Brother Gets Tattoo Of Little Brother With Down’s Syndrome On Arm


We can all think of examples when siblings banter with each other and get on each other’s nerves, but maybe after seeing this adorable video of these two brothers, you will remind yourself of the unconditional love between siblings.

The reaction of the young man with Down’s syndrome when he saw his older brother’s tattoo is everything. We can see the happiness in his eyes when he saw that his brother tattooed his face on his left arm.

The older brother has tattooed the face of his little brother inside a lion’s mouth. His brother was pleasantly surprised when he saw the tattoo and he hugged him affectionately and gave him a kiss.

Their mom, Soares Sheila, posted the video and the picture of them on Facebook and she wrote: “Look at my puppy’s reaction to the beautiful tribute, his face tattooed inside a lion’s mouth. The video is EXCITING. That’s why I saw Rafa asking Erick to make a brave face.”

“My dear friends, when I posted this video I could swear that it would not cause this dimension of sharing that caused. THIS IS CALLED GOD. Because he was the cause of the success of this video, because contrary to what many people think, I have never had anything easy in this life, only US and GOD and the closest friends know well what I’ve already spent in life so Erick is here with us.”

She says that she won because she never gave up on her children and she always, always believed in God.

Her post has become viral and she is getting support from people all around the world. They are all moved by the unconditional love between the two brothers. And they agree that the tattoo is the most beautiful one they have ever seen because the love and affection between them is so special, pure, and rare. 


Mary Wright