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Twin Flame Union Happens In Divine Timing And Nothing Can Stand In The Way Of Their Love

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We all want different things in life, and we are all on different paths. However, sometimes we think that we are choosing the right path because we think that is the path for us, but our heart is not in it. And when we don’t follow our heart and soul, we lose ourselves.

And at that moment, when we lack direction and we are not satisfied with our lives, that’s when we meet our twin flame.

Our twin flame enters our life to make us uncomfortable and urge us to leave the dead-end situation we are in and show us the true path, the one our heart desires. Our twin flame will destroy everything, including jobs, relationships, careers, marriage… anything that stands in the way of our happiness.

You won’t immediately fall in love with your twin flame and expect that everything will be okay. No. Twin flames are ones that trigger each other, break each other, and cause havoc and destruction. They are there to inspire us to become the best version of ourselves and achieve our purpose in life.

Oftentimes, when we fail to maintain the relationship with our twin flame, we start blaming ourselves and think that we would never be able to repair all the damage that is done. But that’s not true. You can never mess up a twin flame relationship.

Why? Because twins are supposed to go on their journey alone until they are ready for a union. This means that there will be many tears, pain, separations, hurtful words and hurt egos on their journey, but they will always come back to each other.

Their union will happen in divine timing and no person or circumstance can mess up their relationship or stand in the way of their love.

In the twin flame journey, there is a runner and there is a chaser. The one who runs away from the relationship, and the person who wants commitment. The runner is meant to leave the relationship several times and the chaser is meant to get their heartbroken in the process and feel abandoned until they finally unite when the whole process of ascension is finished.

Twin flame relationships are there to raise the overall consciousness and awareness and are their union is a true embodiment of the unconditional love which is the highest energies of all. The more twins unite in this lifetime, the higher the consciousness of this world is and the more love there is around people.

One of the twins will project their feelings of hurt and pain onto the other and then run away, leaving the other twin devastated. As long as the chaser feels broken and blames the runner for their pain, the union will not be possible. Because unconditional love is accepting and loving the other person no matter what. That’s why separations happen. To teach twins how to love unconditionally.

The important thing for you to remember is, you cannot change your destiny. You can run from it, fight it, but what is meant to be – will be.

Twin flames will eventually unite, and their love is so powerful that it will change the world. Twin flames are meant to be together and they will be, sooner or later.

Mary Wright