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Trust me, What Is Meant To Be In Your Life Will Eventually Find Its Way To You


You’ve failed. You’ve missed the opportunity of a lifetime. You’ve ended a relationship you were sure it was the one. You’ve parted ways with a person you loved. You’ve ended up disappointed and miserable. You’ve lost all of your hopes.

Admit it. Half of you out there reading this article have already nodded their heads in agreement. Because it is true.

We’ve all been through those experiences. We’ve all had our hearts broken. We’ve all had our hopes destroyed. We’ve all failed. And, unfortunately, some of us have even given up.

However, the bravest and the toughest among us have never let anyone blur their vision or change their path in life. These people are still fighting. And you know why?

Because, they believe that everything that is meant to be theirs, will eventually find its way back to them.

The truth is, no matter how much we try, life does not always stick to our plans.

We desperately dream of achieving something the way we imagined it, we plan our whole strategy and then it all falls apart. We long for a fairytale and true love, and then someone else comes along and breaks our heart. We try something new, and we fail.

And after several disappointments, we feel like we could never be good, smart, brave or wise enough to have those things that we so desperately desire.

In those moments, we have no answer to any of our confusing questions. We cannot understand why those horrible things are happening to us. We cannot find a way to connect the dots. Because nothing makes any sense to us. We never did anything to deserve such disappointments and sadness. It only feels like the whole world is conspiring against us. And it is exhausting.

But then, when we least expect it, something wonderful happens. In no time, we learn that we can rise, all over again.

We regain our power. We dive deep inside our souls, find the courage and we try. We try again and we don’t give up until we make it. Because this time, we’re stronger. We’ve learned from our past mistakes. And nothing or no one could ever bring us down.

So, that is the exact same thing I’m asking of you.

I urge you to just stop obsessing about your past relationships, to stop stressing about those chances you’ve missed and just stop overthinking about where you went wrong.

Those things that once happened, they are in the past. And they should stay there. Because you have no power to freeze time and change the course of events. What has been done, it is gone. Forget about it.

What you must do instead, is to keep following your true passion in life. You mustn’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing your wildest dreams. You have to understand that the future has plenty of other beautiful and amazing things in store for you. You must believe in that. You must realize that you’re worthy of those things. And most importantly, you need to keep working on those dreams.

The thing is, you won’t always have all of the answers on a platter, but that doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong. That means that you have to be patient. It means that life won’t always make sense to you, but whatever happens, it will always lead you to the destination that you were destined to arrive to.

What is meant to happen to us and what is actually ours will come. The people who are destined to be with us, the opportunities, the passions, the chances, they will all find their way to us when it is finally time.  And if they’re still not here, it is probably not the right time for them to arrive.

Stop doubting everything. Stop rushing. Stop stressing.

Trust me. What is meant to be in your life, will find its way to you.

Stephanie Reeds