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True Friends Are The Ones That Are Always There For You

True Friends Are The Ones That Are Always There For You

If someone’s name popped into your head as soon as you read the title, congratulations – you’re a lucky person! Why?

Because this means you’ll always have someone who will be there for you. Someone who will stick with you through thick and thin. Someone who will stand by you through rough times. Someone who will cherish you for who you are.

True friends are very difficult to find. So, if you’ve already found yourself one, make sure you nurture your friendship. Make sure you never lose them.

Here are 5 distinct signs you’ve found yourself a true, loyal friend:

1. They are always there for you.

True friends are there for you through both the good and bad times. They never leave you to deal with your worries, problems, and pains on your own. Instead, they offer you their unwavering and wholehearted support. They offer you their unconditional love. They make sure you know you can always rely on them for help and support.

2. They accept you and cherish you for who you are.

True friends don’t want to change anything about you. Because they accept everything about you. They embrace your irritating habits, your whims, your insecurities, and your fears. They respect your ideas and opinions no matter how different they may be from their own.

That’s the reason why you always feel free and comfortable being yourself around this person. And it’s no wonder since you’ve found someone who sees and appreciates the positive things about you that you don’t notice yourself.

3. They know everything about you.

They know your weaknesses and imperfections. They know your plans for the future, your priorities, your goals, your dreams, and your wishes.

They know your innermost secrets. They know your mistakes, your failures, and all those embarrassing stories which you wouldn’t talk about to anyone.

4. They celebrate your successes with you.

False friends feel jealous when you fulfill a goal and when they see that you’re truly happy, but genuine and honest friends will celebrate your successes with you. They’ll be happy when you’re happy. Moreover, they’ll encourage you to set new high goals, regardless of how unrealistic they might seem to others.

5. They’re equally invested in your friendship.

You don’t feel like you’re the only one who always has to chase them so as to spend time with them. Because they always make time for you.

They never leave you to wait for them for ages to answer your calls or text you back. Because regardless of how busy they are, they always find time to call you and ask if you’re okay and how you spent the day.

Riley Cooper