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Toxic Relationships Are Poison To Your Soul

Toxic Relationships Are Poison To Your Soul

I know that you are deeply in love and you’re ignoring all the red flags. I can see that you are blinded and that you hold on to the future that your partner promises you.

But I can also see that you want out of the relationship. You are fed up with being in a wrong and toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships bring out the worst in you.
You have second thoughts. You think that your partner is going to change. Well, let me tell you something: Don’t wait for them to change, not even for a second. Turn your back and walk away. For your own sake, leave before it’s too late and before you damage your soul even more than it already is.

Guess what? They are not going to change. They can only be worse. They can leave you unrecognizable and make you hate the person you see when you look in the mirror.

Trying to keep up with your partner’s expectations drains your soul. Being always there for your partner must be exhausting.

You are always trying to make them feel comfortable and you are constantly in a good mood for them. When they need something, you run and get it for them. It’s totally normal that now you feel drained and emotionally devastated. It’s totally normal to even miss the time you were running errands for them.

It’s not worth losing your health due to toxic relationships. It’s very likely that you’ve lost some weight as well while being consumed by everything that your partner needs.

You’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way and all you know now is centered on your partner. You’ve lost your pride and forgotten about your passion and your wildfire. There’s even no blush on that beautiful face you have.

Your aura is surrounded by negativity. You are mad at almost everyone around you right now, even though it’s nobody’s fault that you are feeling this way.

You are arguing with everyone. You disbelieve everything people tell you. You question yourself repeatedly about every decision you make. Don’t get me started on trust. No wonder you are having trust issues.

Your smile is faked. You have a night out with your friends, but you fake your smile all the way. Because you don’t want them to see that something is off, or that everything is wrong.

Your mind starts wondering whether your partner is going to be mad at you for staying out late with your friends. Or, what they are doing while you are out with your friends. And worst-case scenario, you leave early because you are afraid of their jealousy.

Are these reasons enough for you to start living a better life?
Are these reasons enough for you to leave the toxic relationship?

I know that deep down you feel that this isn’t right. The toxic relationship doesn’t feel good, even though you hold on to love. There’s no love from your partner’s side. Your partner is using you and taking advantage of you. They’re draining your soul.

It’s time to find your happy and healthy place again. You can leave the toxic relationship and devote yourself to YOU. First, start with forgiving yourself. Start putting some work into self-love. You can remove everything toxic from your system only if you want to change for the better. And you need to change for the better because the world deserves a happy and healthy YOU.

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