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Toxic People Do Their Damnedest To Control And Break You. Save Yourself From Them

Toxic People Do Their Damnedest To Control And Break You. Save Yourself From Them

Toxic people can be everywhere around us. There is literally no escaping from the negativity and toxicity that we are destined to face throughout our lives. Even a simple act, such as scrolling through social media or turning on the TV can fill our minds with bad news and negativity and ruin our day.

Toxic people are people who are great manipulators. They love being in control and would do anything for it. Of course, there are different types of toxic people. And while it is easy to spot some, others can escape even the most trained eye.

Here are 5 types of toxic people that you should avoid at all costs.


Of course, constructive criticism is beneficial and helpful, but those people who are always criticizing without any other purpose but to bring other people down are the worst. They criticize others because they suffer from low self-esteem and thus, they make themselves feel better by making other people look bad. Don’t let them do that to you. Protect yourself from their comments by not letting them into your personal space.


Not many people regard people who have a tendency to waste their time as toxic, but they are. They are toxic because they don’t have any respect for other people’s time and boundaries. Even though others say to them that they are busy, time wasters will still occupy their time and drain their energy. The solution here is to set clear and strong boundaries and stick to them.


Negativity is contagious. Therefore, negative people are also toxic because nothing is ever good for them. They have a pessimistic view of everything and that makes them dangerous because they destroy other people’s optimism and hope. Don’t allow anyone to do that to you. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t achieve something.


When a person plays the victim role all the time, something is off. People who tend to play victims do that by lying and making up stories to force you to see them in a different way than they really are. They will always put the blame onto others because they cannot take responsibility for their actions. They are plain toxic and manipulative, and you should stay away from them for your own good.


Finally, there are those that just don’t care about anything and anyone. Of course, you can’t force anyone to like you or care about you, but these people will break your heart with their indifference. You will never know where you stand with them. Ditch them and save yourself.

Mary Wright