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To The Brave, Fearless Women With Balls Who Unlike Others Give A F*ck


This goes to you my brave and fearless warrior!

To the dream achievers, to the rebels, to the ones who like to stand out, to the ones who fight to get what they deserve, to the ones who refuse to just go with the flow, to the ones who dare to make a difference and to the ones who unlike others, GIVE A F*CK.

This is for all the brave women out there who have balls.

Yes, I said it.

Balls bigger than anyone else’s. Balls that make them be unapologetically themselves. Balls that make them grab life by the horns and live it the way they intended to. Balls that make them fearless and confident in the pursuit of their wildest dreams. And balls that give them the courage to show the world exactly how flawed and imperfect they are without giving a damn what others have to say about it.

Because guess what?

Having big balls has nothing to do with having something hanging between your legs. Having balls is more about getting out of your warm and cozy comfort zone and taking risks for the sake of the things that lit your heart on fire.

This goes to the courageous, confident, resilient, determined and passionate women who have hearts thirsty for adventures and brains hungry for knowledge. The women with messy hair and wild hearts who stay up at night and work hard on making their dreams come true. The women who know how to take care of themselves.

The women who refuse to choose the easiest way out, because they are aware that choosing the more difficult option will help them learn some of the most valuable lessons in life. The women who know how to keep their sh*t together. The women who are not afraid to be alone. The women who have no problem to fall asleep on their own. The women whose soul radiates inspiration. The women whose eyes possess the brightest sparkles in the whole universe.

The women who like to run as wild as the wind. The women who cannot be easily tamed by anyone. The women who have been told that are different and strange. The women who have been expected to fit in the masses and behave as women should, but never ever followed that ignorant rule. The women who are determined to never settle for anything less than the real thing. The women who have chosen to walk the road less traveled. The women who were always different from the rest of the world.

Thank you. Thank you for standing up for all of us. Thank you for being our hope. Thank you for motiving us to never give up. Thank you for not succumbing to the pressure. Thank you for not following society’s rules. Thank you for going against all odds to stay exactly who you are.

More importantly, thank you for working hard on destroying the expectation that we need to be well-behaved in order to be accepted and loved by everyone.

This life wouldn’t have been so beautiful without you.

Stephanie Reeds