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To Every Woman Who Has Been Strong For Too Long


Your strength and resilience make you one of a kind. Everyone should be proud to have you in their life. You are the solid foundation that everyone can lean on to. Your strong arms are there for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

But what about you and your needs? Luckily, you have always been there for yourself. You know that you can always count on your strength to endure everything that life puts you through. Because you are a warrior. You have been through the worst and yet, here you are – still standing and stronger than ever!

But you have been brave and strong for so long, that you are feeling scared now. You fear that you will always have to do everything by yourself. You don’t want to rely on yourself forever. You need other people to be there for you like you are for them.

And not because you need them. You can function perfectly well on your own. But because you want someone by your side who understands you. Someone who can tell you that it is okay to cry sometimes. That you don’t have to be strong all the time.

You are there for everyone, and yet, when you need them they are not there for you. Because sometimes they don’t know you need them. You are always coming off as a strong, independent woman who is able to do everything by herself.

That’s the downside of being strong – people never ask you if you are okay. They suppose you are because you never show your pain and struggles.

You don’t want a knight in a shining armor to save you, you have your own sword.

You just need someone with whom you can grow with. Someone who can match your strength. Who will fight for you with the same intensity with which you fight for them. Who will fight for your love and happiness and will take care of you when you are too tired for it.

Because life was never easy for you. And you had to do everything by yourself. You had fought for every little thing in your life fiercely.

So, you are tired of fighting for so long. You are tired of other people always expecting you to be there for them. You are tired of them always expecting you to be strong. You are tired of everyone who just takes from you and never gives anything back.

You are tired of meeting men who fail to reciprocate your love and devotion. You are tired of always being the one fighting for the relationship.

So, after meeting unworthy men, you decided to find the worth you need in yourself.

And that’s the bravest thing that you could ever do.

Mary Wright