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To All Men Whose Wives Or Partners Have Anxiety – She Is NOT Broken


She might have told you that she has anxiety when she started crying uncontrollably in front of you. You might have noticed by yourself when you saw her get angry and overwhelmed.

And you probably wondered how this nice girl suddenly turned into an enraged beast. You also might have noticed her anxiety when she sat quietly on the couch with a noticeable panic in her eyes.

She might have told you about her condition, or you might have guessed yourself. Either way, there are some things about her of which you should be aware.

Anxiety is not something that will pass and everything will be back to normal again. No. It is a consistent feeling of uneasiness and extreme worry.

Whenever she snaps at you – that’s her anxiety. Whenever she feels bad when you go out with your friends – it’s not her, it’s her anxiety taking a massive hold of her.

And when she asks you what are you thinking, and all you respond with is ‘nothing’ her thoughts go wild and she replays all the previous situations in her head, desperately trying to figure out what went wrong.

She is constantly overthinking everything and she usually imagines the worst case scenario. She is always worried that something bad would happen.

That’s why she rarely leaves the house. That’s why every time she is home alone she calls you million times to tell you everything that she is doing. She knows that you can’t change anything, but the feels much safer and secure when she talks with you.

There are days when she is wondering why you are with her. Why would you choose a woman with anxiety to be your life partner over all those other women? And most importantly, do you regret being with her?

I can imagine how hard this is to you, seeing your loved one like this. But, please, don’t think that she doesn’t see your hurt. Don’t think for a moment that she is not worried about you.

Sometimes her anxiety is because of you. She is aware of this. She knows that it’s not your fault. And you can’t fix her because she is not broken.

You can only help her by being there for her. You can help her by holding her hand whenever she gets upset and overwhelmed. You can help her by being patient with her, and by treating her only with love.

Because she is your woman. And anxiety is breaking her heart. She doesn’t want to feel that way. She wants to be free from all her insecurities.

Don’t forget to celebrate her every day and remind her how special she is. Because she is.

She loves deeply. She is vulnerable and strong at the same time. A true warrior that will be with you through anything only if you take her hand and assure her that you love her and you won’t abandon her, ever.

Image: Alexander Kuzmin

Mary Wright


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