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To All Lionhearted Women Who Do Give A Damn


For all the brave, bold, and courageous women. For all the rebels out there. For all women with balls who do give a f*ck.

This goes for you.

You give a damn about your life. You give a damn about yourself. You give a damn about the people who matter to you. And mostly, you give a damn about making an impact and improving your fabulous self.

You know that you are not born to play small. You are born a leader. And regardless of how many times life tears you down, you’ll get back up and try again.

This is for you, the woman who is unapologetically herself.

The one who stays up late working on her dreams, never giving up. The woman with a messy hair and a thirsty heart. The one who follows her heart and goes after the things she loves.

This is for me, for you, and for all women who are dangerously individualistic and free thinkers.

You are unique because you don’t follow the crowd. You understand perfectly well that you don’t need to be a well-behaved woman to be respected and loved.

You are always choosing the road less traveled because you know that that’s the one that holds all the lessons and all the knowledge.

This is for women who instead of expecting a partner to fulfill them are perfectly happy with themselves. These women prefer to sleep alone than sleep with someone with whom they know they don’t belong. They only want a love that is real and genuine. And won’t accept anything less than that.

This is for all the women who refuse to be tamed.

For the ones who refuse to stay in unhappy relationships. For those who don’t stay at unfulfilling jobs for too long.

Women who are fearless to leave everything behind and start fresh because they give a damn about their life and they want to make the best of it.

For they are the wild ones with warm hearts that make life worth living.

Mary Wright