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To All Beautiful And Sensitive Souls Out There – I Love You All


You are deep. Your soul is so profound and sensitive, like the surface of water that waves at the littlest change. You are honest and vulnerable. Your intuition is on point.

Your empathic soul can understand everyone. You can feel the pain and happiness of others as your own. Your pure heart quickly breaks into a million pieces when you see someone hurting. And all you want at that moment is to take the pain away from them and heal them.

You cry hard and often. You cry your heart out and sometimes you think that you won’t be able to bring yourself up and carry on – but you do. You cry out of frustration, anger, sadness, joy, excitement, disappointment, love…

Oh, love… Your heart is filled with it. Your love is so deep and so strong that it can survive the harshest storms. Your love and your sensitive soul is power. It’s everything. Every person that gets in touch you and has you in their life is very lucky because you are one in a million.

I know that this cold world has tried to change you. It has tried to bring you down. It tried to teach you to shut down your emotions. It has shamed you for being sensitive like it is a bad thing. Yes, the world can be evil like that.

Your sensitivity is your power. Everyone knows that. You are not like other people. You have emotions; you are not robot-like being with no concern about other people’s feelings. Yes, you often get overwhelmed, but your sensitivity opens your heart to amazing things in life that others miss.

This letter goes to all the wonderful sensitive souls out there. I love you all.

You are the light of this world. You are the people that can save this world from this apathy. We need you more than ever. You can change this world for the better, so never stop spreading your love.

We all need your gift.

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Mary Wright