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This Is Why The Woman Who Got Out Of A Toxic Relationship Will Never Betray You


She is not a weak woman. She is not fragile.

Regardless of what she’s been through and how long she’s been stuck in the toxic relationship, she is out and that’s all that matters.

She was deep in a cycle of toxicity that was never-ending. There was a time when she was convinced that she should fight for that small ray of hope and save the relationship.

How wrong was she! First, it was not a ray of hope that she was seeing, but a light at the end of the tunnel.  And all she needed to do to see that light is to get the hell out of the tunnel she was in.

Second, staying in a toxic relationship is not a brave step. She is not a brave woman for fighting for a relationship that doesn’t serve her, a relationship that takes away her dignity. That’s not courageous. 

However, there is nothing shameful about getting stuck in a toxic relationship. We’ve all been there. What matters is whether you would learn the lesson and move on.  

Choosing to love someone who doesn’t love her has taught her that she should love her first. That she should never give up on herself. And that’s something beautiful and priceless.

So, this goes to all women who managed to get out of toxic relationships.

You are the ones who know the meaning of small acts of kindness and support. You are appreciative of all the good things that someone offers to you. Because you know what it feels like to always give and not get anything in return.

You all are an embodiment of love, grace, and tenderness.

You never take the people you love for granted because you know what it’s like to be taken for granted. You know how painful it is and you’ll never do that to someone. You can’t hurt a person like that.

You never say something to anyone before you weigh your words first because if anyone knows how hurtful words can be – it’s you.

However, you can also cut people off without a second thought. You don’t tolerate bullshit anymore.

You are now living your life being highly self-aware and you will leave behind anyone who is not willing to put in the work and make the effort.

You can smell manipulators and liars from miles away.

You want only love that is raw and unguarded because you’ve seen it all and you are no longer accepting anyone who wears a mask.

The woman who has been through a toxic relationship and got out of it is worth loving because she stood for herself. She fought for herself and she won the battle.

That’s why she is someone who appreciates the small and basic gestures of love. That’s why she will never betray you and hurt you.

Mary Wright