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 This Is The Guy Who Will Love You And Help You Overcome The Trauma After A Toxic Relationship


Surviving a toxic relationship and getting out of that nightmare is something truly courageous and fortunate. Most people spend their whole lives thinking they’re way too deep to even reach out and pull themselves out.

If you’ve been through something like this, you know exactly how hard it is to overcome the pain and despair after such experience.

The thought of how much time and energy was wasted on something that wasn’t worth it is like adding fuel to the power.

The fact that someone dared to manipulate you, abuse you and question your sanity is something one cannot forget easily.

The pain is real.

But, once you start reconnecting with your inner self, you’ll finally understand that life moves on. I’m not saying that the baggage will seem lighter, but rather that you’ll find the strength to carry it without any difficulty.

It won’t be easy to get back on your feet, but once you realize that you’re the only creator of your destiny, you’ll find the courage to stand up and take matters into your hands.

And, then out of the blue, will come a person who will make you feel different. A human being who will give you hope that life after a toxic relationship is not that dark after all.

He will be the guy who will help you with your baggage, no matter how heavy it is. He’ll be the one who will make sure to never let you get hurt again.

He’ll be the one who will hold you tight and do anything to convince you that now, you’re finally safe. He will be the one who will welcome you into his world with his arms wide open. The one who’ll accept you. Flaws and all.

The guy who will love you and help you overcome the trauma after a toxic relationship.

The one who will encourage you to grow. The one who won’t be in your way of fulfilling your dreams. The one who will celebrate your achievements. The one who will pick you up when you’re too weak to do it yourself.

The one who’ll support every crazy dream of yours. The one who will never doubt you. The one who will look into your eyes and fall in fall more and more in love with you. The one who will wonder how could someone treat you the way they did.

The one who will text you just to let you know how much he misses you. The one who will make up for all the trauma you’ve experienced. The one who will be brave enough to love you wholeheartedly.

He’ll be the one who will help you get out of the mess and understand that all is not lost.

You may not notice from the beginning, but these things will make all the difference in your life. These seemingly small gestures that mean the world will help you get on your feet.

Step by step these things will make you stronger than you once were.

And just like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, you’ll put everything behind you and rise above the pain.

Image: Gianfranco Briceño

Stephanie Reeds