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This Is How You Lost The Girl That Truly Loved You


You thought that you had found the one. This was a girl who gave you everything. She took time out of her day just to be with you, she supported you, she was there whenever you needed her to be. In the end, you took it all for granted. You didn’t see how hard she tried, how much work she put into being with you.

It was a completely one-sided relationship from the beginning. She gave everything that she could, and you just took, never giving her anything in return. This is how you lost the girl that truly loved you.

She Just Wanted to Love You

She was the kind of girl that would tell you that she loved you at any chance that she got. Texting you throughout the day, hugging you for just a bit too long, these were the some of the ways that she showed her love. Whatever she did though, it only seemed to bother you. You said she was clingy, needy, obsessive.

You Never Showed Her Love When She Needed It

She did so much to let you know that she loved you. How did you show your love to her? You didn’t. Although you returned a simple “I love you” every now and again when she said it, there wasn’t much else that you did do. You didn’t take the time to express your love. She never really knew if you cared or not.

Some nights, when you left her on her own after she had said that she wanted to see you, she would cry. She felt that you didn’t love her, that your feelings for her had faded. Over time this feeling of reject wore her down, diminished her love for you.

You Played Games

You weren’t all bad, sometimes you’d show some affection. You’d tell her what she meant to you, maybe take her on a date or buy her chocolates. When she’d start to feel happy and safe in the relationship, you’d take it all back as quickly as you had given it. You left her confused and blaming herself for your foolishness.

You Only Wanted Her When it Suited You

It never mattered when she needed you. Even if she just wanted someone to hold her, it was all just an inconvenience to you. The only times that you wanted her around were when she had something that you wanted.

She boosted your ego. Whenever she made you feel attractive, strong, or intelligent, you let her stay. It was all about what she could provide you with and never about you caring for her. Sometimes, however, she needed someone to make her feel smart or beautiful too. You never showed her how wonderful she was, it was all about what you wanted.

She Tried To Fix It

Things began to go wrong because of your actions, but you didn’t really see it. She told you that she felt unhappy and unappreciated, but you accused her of overreacting. You told her you wanted a relationship that was “drama-free” and she wasn’t giving that to you – just another reason that she wasn’t good enough for you.

You Destroyed Her

Her heart was broken into a million pieces by your actions. For so long she felt like she wasn’t good enough or worthy of your love. She lost her confidence, her sense of self, and her trust. Most of all, she lost the light in her eyes. She lost herself when she was with you.

You’ve lost the girl who just wanted to love you, and you’re the only one to blame. Every time that you chose to ignore her, belittle her, make her feel worthless, you pushed her further and further away. It was only when she was out of sight that you realized how badly you had messed up.

In the end, you did do one good thing for her. You freed her. When it ended, she, of course, mourned the relationship, but she mostly felt relieved. She was free from the poison that you forced into her every single day. Now, she can live a happier life without you. She can rescue the person that she was before you ruined her.

The only thing that you can do for her now if you ever really cared for her, is to leave her alone. Let her heal and move on from you.

She’s gone, and you’ll have to live with that for the rest of your life.

Eva Jackson