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This Is How A Man Who Thinks The World Of You Will

he thinks the world of you

When it comes to love and dating, you probably have had a few wrong choices already – guys who made you question your self-worth, guys that you loved more than they loved you, or guys who didn’t appreciate the things you did for them in the relationship and ended up taking you for granted.

Well, all this is part of the journey called life. And as the saying goes, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.”

However, sometimes the right guy can come along and give you all his love and attention and you might miss your chance with him because you were not paying attention at the signs that he is your meant-to-be person.

So, how can you recognize him when he comes along?

He’ll be the first one to reach out.

Men are pursuers. So, when he sees you as a quality woman, he will be the first one texting you and calling you to make sure that someone else doesn’t enter in the picture of you two. Also, when he calls or texts you, he sends you a clear message that he is thinking about you constantly.

He’ll never make you fear that he might leave you out in the cold.

When a man thinks the world of you he will never make you feel like he is going to disappear out of the blue and leave you. You also wouldn’t have to worry whether his feelings toward you will change. When men are with a woman they appreciate, they are upfront. There are no mixed messages or hot and cold behavior.

He’ll make sure you know he is always there for you.

When you need him, he’ll be there. You will stand high on his priority list and he’ll often choose spending time with you over other things in his schedule. If he perceives you as a quality woman, he’ll make space for you. It’s as simple as that.

He’ll make you feel comfortable to express your emotions to him.

You won’t ever feel a need to hide your feelings around him. You won’t feel scared to tell him you love him because he will already have beaten you in that race. He’ll make sure you are comfortable expressing how you feel to him because that’s important to him. He wants everything to be right in your relationship.

He’ll be there to catch you when you fall for him.

He would feel like the luckiest guy in the world when you fall in love with him. And once you fall for him, he will make sure he treats you even better.

He’ll show you off proudly.

His friends and family will know all about you. And not only that, but they will treat you with the utmost respect and admiration because he has already told them how wonderful you are and how much he loves you. And vice versa, he will make sure he is in his best behavior when he gets to meet your family and friends.

Finally, when a man falls in love with you and thinks that you are a high-quality woman that he mustn’t let go, he’ll show you and the whole world that he plans a future with you.

Mary Wright