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This Goes To The Woman That Truly Loved The Man Who Didn’t Deserve Her

This Goes To The Woman That Truly Loved The Man Who Didn’t Deserve Her

This goes to you – the woman who genuinely loved the man who didn’t deserve her. The woman who loves selflessly, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. The woman who has a pure soul.

What I need you to know is that you aren’t weak. You aren’t weird. You aren’t naïve. You aren’t stupid.

You are brave and strong. You are brave for enduring so much pain because of him. You are strong for loving someone that didn’t reciprocate your love. You are strong for not letting go of him, although he gave you countless reasons to leave.

Yes, you are tough and brave, but not in the way most people think. You are tough and brave since when you love, you love purely. Honestly. Deeply. You love in ways you’ll never be loved, and you know this, and yet you love anyway.

You’re strong because you undressed and threw your innocent soul under the feet of a guy who often forgot about your existence.

You’re strong because you loved him more than you loved yourself.

But, he couldn’t, or didn’t want to see that.

You are the heartbroken. The disappointed. The hurt. The manipulated. The deceived. You’re everything, but weak.

You’re the woman who loves hard and unconditionally. Your soul is pure and untarnished by the evil in the world. That’s why you always see the good in people, even in the meanest ones. And for that, I salute you.

I salute you for believing him.  

I salute you for letting him be a part of your life although he never showed he deserved that.

I salute you for loving the guy who was fickleThe guy who could act he was interested in you one day and then be indifferent to you the other. And you deserved much more than his mixed feelings for you. You deserved to know where you stood in his life.

I salute you for letting him consume your time and energy although he didn’t give you anything in return.

I salute you for staying with him although he never made you his priority. Yeah, you were always his option. His favorite pastime. To him, you were nothing else, but a girlfriend of convenience.

I salute you for not being afraid of letting your love for him break your heart and shatter your hopes. For having the strength to put up with his indifference, blame games, false promises, piles of excuses, and lies.

You were brave for putting up with someone who only called you when he needed someone to talk to or just have fun with. Someone who never bothered to ask you how your day went. Someone who never asked you how you felt or why you looked sad.

I salute you for staying with a guy who never showed you that love can be the most fulfilling, enriching, and pleasantest feeling you’ll ever get to experience.

I salute you for staying with a guy to whom loyalty, compassion, sacrifice, and commitment were unknown concepts.

I salute you for staying with a guy who never chose YOU although he was everything to you.

I salute you for forgiving him for all the bad things he did to you. For giving him thousands of chances although he deserved not even one.

I salute you for having the strength to heal your wounds when you were deeply hurt. For having the strength to smile and look so firm and fulfilled when you were crying on the inside. I salute you for hiding your sorrow behind a strong, confident face.

I salute you for not losing hope that things would get better. That one day, he’d realize the beauty of your soul. That he’d see your kindness, unselfishness, and efforts. That he would change.

I salute you because no matter how many times people told you that you should leave him and that you deserved better, you still decided to stay. You didn’t walk away because you thought and hoped he’d change because of you.

And yes, probably many will judge you for staying with such a guy and allowing him to treat you that way.  They’ll say you were naive and that you should have stood up for yourself. But, don’t let that upset you because they don’t love the way you do.

They don’t understand that you aren’t afraid to get hurt. You wore your heart on your sleeve and allowed your love for him to break your heart into countless pieces. And yet, you were brave enough to pick them up all by yourself.

You were neglected and humiliated, but you still chose to love and never stopped looking for the good in him. You loved the wrong guy, but you didn’t allow this to break your hope that true love exists.

And I salute you because no matter how many times people have criticized you for loving the wrong guy and your soul was wounded, you always chose LOVE.

Love over anything else. You always choose to love unselfishly, forgive, heal your wounds, overcome your pain, and move on.

You choose to love even when every single part of you is exhausted. And it takes a lot of courage for that.

That’s why I salute and admire you.

And please, never think of yourself as weak. Because having an enormous heart and boundless love is nothing to be sad about. That’s the real strength – to love fiercely and endlessly.

And yes, love can be scary, hard, and painful. But, keep loving, because the most amazing things in life happen when you are about to give up hope. Remember that there’s always someone better out there, always a chance for something new. Never give up or settle for anything less than you deserve.

Keep loving, because one day you’ll find someone who will know how to love and appreciate you. Someone who will choose to love and be with you every single day. Someone who will be grateful for having such an amazing person in his life.

Keep loving, because there’s nothing in the world that the intensity of your love cannot conquer. 

Riley Cooper