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This Goes To All The Women Who Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

This Goes To All The Women Who Don’t Believe In Love Anymore

It’s okay my dear. I know how you feel. I am aware of how much it hurts. I’ve felt what heartbreak does to a person. It makes you want to hide from all the world.

It takes away your hope. It robs you of your dreams. It bruised your soul and it changes you to the core. It makes you build the highest wall and keep every person out of it, even the ones who have done nothing but love you unconditionally…

You push everyone away and you lock yourself inside your cell because you no longer have the strength to cope with such pain. You lose all faith. You are frightened of every person that comes near you.

You stop believing in love all together…

I understand your pain. It takes a lot of strength and courage to keep looking for love after being broken so many times. Plus, you feel the safest when you are inside that wall of yours. But you know what?

It is not worth it. Condemning yourself to a life without love is like taking away your breath.

I know it is hard for you to understand this, but true love exists. And it always finds you when the time is right. Some people are lucky enough to feel it early in life, and some have to be patient for it to arrive. But sooner or later it does… I know that because I’ve just welcomed it into my life. And to think that I almost gave up on everything…

So, please. Tear those walls and don’t be afraid to open your vulnerable heart to the opportunity of love. You may not recognize it at first. But that is okay. You take as much time as you need. You let yourself feel whatever it is that you are feeling and let the love wash over you. Let it remind you what happiness is. Let it embrace you.

For love is never difficult. Whatever you’ve been through, that wasn’t love.

Love is a warm, comforting embrace. Love is a helping hand. Love is pure friendship. Love is being able to open yourself to someone. Love is soothing words. Love is commitment. Love is unconditional trust. Love is being happy for someone else’s happiness. Love is patience. Love is a hand that never stops giving. Love is a warm sunray on a cold winter morning. Love is respect. Love is feeling completely free to be yourself. Love is understanding.

So, why would you deny yourself something like this?

Have faith, my dear. Love will find you when it is time.

Stephanie Reeds