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This Goes To All The Women That Fall For Potential

fall for potential

You meet a guy, and you fall in love with him right away. The way he looks at you or talks to you convinces you that he is everything you’ve ever dreamed of. That he is the love of your life. That he is your soulmate. Your twin flame. Your forever person.

You get so lost in your dream of wild, passionate love that you fail to see the real image of this man. And yes, after some time, you begin to notice some things about his character or physical appearance that you don’t like, but you keep hoping that if he could “fix” his flaws, he’d be the perfect guy for you.

But, let me ask you something: Do you think this is love? True love?

Do you really think this is honest and unconditional love?

Well, if you really believe in this, know you’re awfully wrong. Because when you’re truly in love with someone, you accept them for who they are. You don’t try to change them. You don’t expect them to “fix their flaws.” You don’t expect them to pretend to be someone they’re not. You don’t set expectations about who they should be or become.

When you’re genuinely in love with someone, you embrace their weaknesses and imperfections. You accept their annoying habits, their quirks, their whims. Why?

Because you understand that their flaws are just a small part of them – a part that doesn’t define their worth. A part that doesn’t make them less strong, less smart, or less important. You understand that their flaws are what make them different and unique.

So, if you’re not proud of the guy you are dating as he is right now, know that you owe it to him as well as yourself to end the relationship and leave. Since what you are feeling for him isn’t love – it is neediness. It is attachment.

You owe it to yourself, too, to learn what healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships require. You owe it to yourself to learn how you build a genuine, close, and deep connection.

See, you can’t waste your life hoping that one day you’ll find someone who will fit your expectations. Someone who will possess the traits you’ve always wanted your partner to have. Someone who will behave the way you want them to behave.

Because this is not how you love someone truly, honestly, and unconditionally. This is not how you build a healthy, happy, and long-standing relationship. This is just falling for potential. And falling for potential has nothing to do with love.

Riley Cooper