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The Truth Is, The Love Of Your Life Will Come After The Mistake Of Your Life


Life has been hell for you. I can see that in your eyes. An everlasting, exhausting battle. You have fought very hard for people who were not worth it. You have given everything for relationships that are bad for you. You’ve given yourself away to people thinking that if you love them with all of your heart, they will do the same.

For one reason only. Because you believe in love. You do not want to settle for a love that is temporary and half-assed. You want to find that true, all-consuming, passionate love. Love that will make you feel emotions that you’ve never felt before and do things that you’ve never imagined doing. Love that will consume you and change your life from the core.

The sad thing is, life hasn’t always followed your plans.  And as a result, you’ve been broken. Many times, over and over again.

I can see all of it in that fragile look of yours. I can see all of it in your exhausted, wrinkled face. More than often, you’ve blamed yourself for not being powerful enough to keep the people in your life. More than often, you’ve had a hard time understanding why love is so hard. And more than often, you’ve struggled with the loss of a loved one.

But you know what?

The fact that you’ve been through hell and back, does not mean that your life is over. It does not mean that there is no hope for you. And it certainly does not mean that you should give up. It’s really hard to ask yourself whether or not you have the strength to go through another potential disappointment, I know. But, how can you know what’s out there and eventually find your happiness, if you are too afraid to live?

I want you to know that regardless of how much pain you’ve been through and regardless of how long you’ve suffered in life, the sun always comes. It’s always darkest before the dawn. And believe me, I am not saying this to make you feel better. I am saying it because it happened to me.

There was a time when I thought that I would not make it. I was on the verge of collapsing. Both mentally and emotionally. And then, something wonderful happened. I met a person who brought me back to life. When I least expected it. Looking back at my life, I realize that everything that happened to me led my way to him. If it weren’t for those painful experiences in my life, I wouldn’t have found happiness today.

This is how I know that you will be fine indeed. This is what tells me that one day you will wake up next to the love of your life and be grateful for everything that life has given you before them. The truth is, the love of your life will come after the mistake of your life. I know this sounds corny and I know this sounds like a fairytale. But, it’s not.

You have to trust the process and you mustn’t lose hope. What is yours in life will come to you. Sooner or later, you will realize that everything that has happened to you is exactly what you needed to learn your lessons and become who you always needed to be.

Stephanie Reeds