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The Story Of The Invisible Thread That Binds Two People Together For Eternity


Humanity has been intrigued by love for millennia. We’ve come up with so many ways to describe two people who are bound together for eternity – soulmates, twin flames, kindred spirits. No matter what you call them, they are a couple that fate has decided will be together.

Ancient stories and legends have almost all agreed that soulmates are destined together by some otherworldly force. Many of them have told the story of the invisible thread that binds two people together for eternity.

We Are Physically Bound to Our Soulmates

The more widely known concept of a soulmate comes with the idea that we need to search for our other halves. This idea can be attributed to Ancient Greek mythology which tells us that when Zeus created man, that man became lonely. To give him company, Zeus split him in half, creating a companion for him.

East Asians beliefs are much different from that of the Greeks. They believe that the gods tie a red string around the ankles of two people who are intended for one another. This is a string that’s infinite in length and unseen to the naked eye.

The Western Story

Western culture also has its own version of this story. Its tale tells of an old man who was reading a book of marriages by the sea one evening when a young boy passed by. The boy stopped to ask the man about the book, who then told him that he was destined to marry a girl who stood nearby.

The young boy was distraught, as he believed that he never wanted to get married. In the midst of his anguish, he threw a rock at the girl’s head and ran away. Years later, when the boy had grown up, his marriage was arranged by his parents. Once he saw his bride-to-be, she had a scar on her forehead. She told him she had been hit in the head with a rock as a child.

The idea of this story is that, although the boy was young and unready for love, it was already destined for him. Fate had decided that that was the girl that he would marry when the time was right.

The Significance of Red

It isn’t just the story of the string around two people’s ankles that say that the thread of fate is colored red. In fact, Ancient Chinese cultures believed that too. One of their gods, known as Yue Lao, was said to have been in charge of this red string of fate, as well as of marriages. The Chinese believed that these strings are with us from birth and bring us closer to the people that we are bound to as we get older.

Despite the fact that we cannot see this string, the color red is of great importance to this legend. It is the color of passion, desire, and attraction, as well as that of all primal forces. Although we can’t see it, we are still strongly influenced by it.

We Still Need to Put in Some Effort

Many people have said that although this red string can stretch or tangle, it can never break. That means that you will always be destined for that one special person, and nothing can destroy that bond.

Although that may seem like putting in some hard work to make a relationship work is useless, that’s completely untrue. In fact, it means that it’s even more important to put in the effort. If you don’t, you risk letting your soulmate leave your life for good, while you stay connected to them.

The story of the red string been told in many ways, by many different cultures. What we can know for sure is that the universe has bound us together with one other person on Earth. We are tied to our true loves by this thread, which will help guide us to that person. Being with them will give you the happiest life possible.

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Eva Jackson