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The Science Of Attraction: 4 Important Science-Backed Rules Of Psychology


Have you met a person whose aura shone so bright that you were immediately attracted and enchanted by their charisma?

Yeah, that’s called primal magnetism. When there’s something special about a certain person and you feel it deep inside your body, it feels like you can’t get enough. Whether it’s the butterflies in your tummy, or your pupils dilating with curiosity, you’re a part of a powerful chemistry that goes way beyond just physical appearances.

Attractiveness is essential for all human relationships. We’re constantly attracted to certain vibes. We get attracted to work with certain people, we are attracted to certain friendships with certain people. We are attracted to certain places because the vibe they give off is just so powerful that we must do everything to feel it once again.

Attraction is an essential part of our lives.

So, if you want to make yourself more attractive, here are 4 science-backed rules you need to understand and start practicing:


According to New York Times best-selling author and developmental molecular biologist, John Medina, our brains have a very short attention span.

They are always hungry for adventurous experiences and exciting pieces of information. So, they need to be constantly nourished with juicy, entertaining and intriguing input, otherwise, they’ll get easily bored.

But what makes people boring?

It seems that our biggest obstacle in life is being afraid of not fitting in. Most people are afraid of being perceived as “weird” or “strange”. So, they do what they know best. They cover their genuine nature and put on a fake personality.

My message to you? Stop trying to be someone else. Fitting in is for cowards. Plus, it’s unattractive and it makes you a dull person. Open up and let the world see you.


You’d be surprised at how instantly people get attracted to each other. If we focus on the science instead of the actual social situations, we’ll be pleased to discover that real attraction happens in the first 30 minutes of meeting someone.

Researches have shown that our brains let us know whether we’re willing to sleep with someone in the first 30 seconds. Amazing isn’t it?

Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher worked on studying couples in love and found out that our amazing human body knows within one second whether someone is attractive or not. We might not believe it, but the accuracy of the judgments our brains make upon meeting someone new is incredible.


What’s the ultimate turn-on according to you? Is it the eyes? Or long, tanned legs? Or maybe a good sense of humor?

Well, that’s fine, but research shows that a person’s most attractive trait is their attention. In other words, their emotional availability.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When it comes to friendships we look for someone who would be there for us, no matter how hard it is. And when it comes to romantic love, we search for that one special person who would make us a whole and open up to us.

Ultimately, we need a genuine connection. Whether it’s work, friendship, romantic love, we need someone emotionally available with whom we could instantly connect.

Try approaching people with a more positive and enthusiastic attitude and you’ll be amazed at how curious and pleasant they can be in return.


An open and real body language is sexier and more attractive than open cleavage, dirty dance move or any provocative outfit.

If you were wondering, here’s how you can use your body language to show your emotional availability and increase your attractiveness:

Hand gestures and eye contact: Studies discovered that when we can’t see people’s hands we have trouble trusting them. When you unintentionally, but subconsciously put your hands in your pockets or under the table, it shows that you’re not ready to open up. The same goes for eye-contact. I believe that the best way you can see if a person lies is to look them in the eyes. If they avoid your gaze and look down, there’s probably something inside of them, they desperately want to hide.

Open torso: Researches have shown that keeping your chest, torso, and abdomen open is the easiest way to show availability. When we cross our arms, check our phone, hold a purse, or a glass in front of our body, we are not ready to mentally open up to the person next to us, so we choose to hide our body language.

Here’s a tip for you: On your next date or event try not to cross your arms, or check your phone or avoid eye-contact. Be present and involved in the conversation and you’ll be pleased with the amazing feedback you’ll receive back.

If you want to learn more, don’t forget to check this video below.

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