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The Only Effective Method For Dealing With A Narcissist


Narcissists are one of the most dangerous people and you should keep them at a distance. Because anyone who gets associated with them is vulnerable to get attached to their devious and wicked mind games and experience pain like they’ve never experienced before and from which it is the hardest to recover.

For those who are not aware yet, NPD or a narcissistic personality disorder is a very common diagnosis nowadays. So, there is a great chance that you have met a narcissist or that you will meet someday. Therefore, it is essential for you to know how to prepare yourself for dealing with them and not get hurt.

Here is the only effective way that you can use to prevent the narcissist hurting you emotionally (or in some cases, physically).

The only way that you can deal with a narcissist is refusing to deal with them at all. You must stop engaging with them in any way. Full stop.

This is the only way that you can stop them from inflicting any physical, emotional, and mental damage to your wellbeing.

You must put an end to all communication with them and keep the distance between you as great as possible. Don’t allow them to influence you in any way. You and only you have the power to stop them from manipulating you into getting their way.

You must do it because otherwise you’ll get addicted to their need for narcissistic supplies.

Narcissists enjoy their grandiose view of themselves. They are hungry for attention, admiration, and adulation. They gain their strength and they feel the most powerful when they make other people feel weak. They treat others as mere objects, puppets that they use for getting what they need and that is constant praise to feel their fragile ego and their false sense of self.

Disagreements and conflicts are also ways from which the narcissist gains their importance and control over their victim. They use them as tools for manipulation – to persuade and manipulate others to do things that they do not want to do.

Attention is the primary narcissistic need. A narcissist would use any method to gain this supply from their victims. It becomes their survival need – they need it as much as they need air in order to function properly.

The very word “narcissistic supply” indicates an addictive and toxic way of meeting one’s needs. What does it mean? It means that a narcissist sees you only as their “fix” – in the same way, people suffering from substance abuse see their drug.

If you continue providing them with their “fix,” then they will “use” you until you are a valuable Narcissistic Supply. When they cease to perceive you as a worthy source, they will leave you and will move on to their next victim.

That’s the reason why you must cut all contact with them and liberate yourself from their evil mind games. Stop providing them with the “fix.”

If you are wondering if a narcissist can change, the answer is – he can’t.

Narcissism is a mental disorder that happens because of a change in the brain structure of the person as a response to certain events that triggered the narcissistic tendencies in the person that grows stronger with time.

And even though there are some therapies that can help them, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a narcissist will probably stay a narcissist their whole life only because they don’t see a problem with their behavior.

The solution? A complete separation from them.

And remember, you shouldn’t feel bad about it because you think that you’ve hurt them.

 Yes, cutting them out from your life can cause them a little pain, but the amount of their pain is insignificant in comparison to the enormous damage that they will do to you. The pain that they feel comes only from their broken ego. Again, it is all about them.

Have you ever dealt with a narcissist? How did you manage to separate yourself from them? What was their reaction? Please, do share your story with us and spread the awareness.

Mary Wright


  1. Still living it. Every sad, tragic word said here is true. I’m no where near the person I was 4 years ago. I’ve lost everything right down to my job. Now threatening to throw me and my kids out. Please heed this warning, these are not people, they are soul crushing demons that will break you.


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