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The Narcissist Will Manipulate You Into Thinking That Your Reactions Are The Problem And Not Their Abuse


Narcissists are master manipulators. They don’t think twice about doing anything just to get what they want. They are prepared to brainwash you into thinking that you are going crazy and that they are indeed a good person.

If you have ever been with a Narcissist, then you know how dangerous these people are. They break your heart, tear you down, and make you unable to recognize yourself. They do all this by first charming you and making you feel as you are the most important person in the world for them. You quickly start thinking that they are everything you were looking for your entire life.

But, when they are sure that you are not going anywhere and you are deeply invested in them, they suddenly show their true colors, and they are not as nice as you thought they were. They suddenly turn into a monster and you can no longer recognize them.

The Narcissist’s prey is someone who is easy to control and manipulate. The Narcissist will then gaslight them, manipulate them, abuse them, and make them appear as they are the crazy ones. The Narcissist will neglect their victim’s needs and only care about their own. They will objectify their prey as they see fit.

And the more the victim tries to change the Narcissist into becoming the person they fell in love with, the more abusive the Narcissist becomes. The Narcissist will go as far as manipulating them into thinking that they are the ones who are the problem because they are ‘oversensitive’ and they don’t understand the Narcissist.

Every action, every word of the Narcissist is intended to gain or express control over others. The Narcissist doesn’t care if they hurt other people. They don’t have empathy and compassion. And if and when their victim decides to leave them, the Narcissist will put on their charming mask and convince them to stay with promises of change. Of course, they would never change.

Have you ever been involved with a Narcissist? How did it end?

Mary Wright