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The Mirror Effect That Makes People Hate Empaths Without Any Reason


Fellow empaths, I am sure that you’ve all experienced the feeling of meeting someone new and instantly sensing their dislike or even hatred toward you even though you have just met them. Or perhaps, you’ve felt a weird resentment suddenly from someone that you have known for quite a while. These are situations that happen often to empaths, I believe.

But why is this happening?

Of course, not everyone has to like us – being repelled by someone and disliking someone is a normal part of life. We are not the same, we have different views, different values, so it is normal that we couldn’t bond with anyone we meet.

However, this appears to happen more often to empaths than to other people. This is because empaths have a heightened sense of intuition and they have an ability to ‘read’ others. They can sense what a person is thinking or feeling just by sensing the vibration of their energy.

And empaths are confused with the fact that most people act disdainful and hateful toward them even though they have done nothing wrong. In fact, empaths are one of the most caring, kind, trustworthy, and loving human beings.

Empaths cannot understand why someone would change toward them overnight, becoming cold and distant. It leaves them wondering and scratching their heads trying to figure out the reason.

And the main reason I think is that we, as empaths, are acting as a mirror to them and we reflect the truth of who they are.

This is because others don’t like being faced with their true selves. Most people are inauthentic nowadays, and the reason why they hide their real selves is that they don’t like some aspects of their personality and they don’t want others to see those aspects.

Perhaps, they are deeply insecure, and they feel ashamed of themselves. Or maybe they hide their true personality as a means to manipulate people. However, most of them put a mask on to fit in because they fear being criticized and judged.

So, when they are faced with an empath they feel exposed because they cannot hide from the empath’s unerring gut feeling and impeccable way of sensing other people’s concealed personality and emotions. They feel naked as they see all the things that they were denying being waved in their face.

Because of the empath’s power to bring intense and strong feelings in everyone, other people can start loathing the empath. However, they fail to realize that they do not hate the empath – they hate themselves, and who they truly are.

An empath takes others’ hidden personality characteristics and behaviors and gives them back to their rightful owner. They wear the truth of everyone around them as jewelry and sometimes they are not even aware of it.  Even more so, they may even falsely prescribe other people’s feelings and insecurities as their own, thus they could get confused and overwhelmed.

And if someone has some personality aspects that they hate about themselves, the moment their aspects are revealed to them in the presence of the empath – they start disliking and even hating the empath for making them feel threatened and uncovered.

Any emotion that is suppressed long enough will get bigger and stronger with time. Therefore, when the empath makes someone see their hidden insecurities, anger, guilt, jealousy, hatred, or shame it will often result in an immediate dislike towards the empath.

In other words, if someone is being mean to you without any reason, it could be that you are reflecting them the truth they are trying so hard to deny.

Or, it could be because the empath’s vibration is too high and too strong. And this could bother some people. I, myself, have noticed that some people prefer to be around me more when I am in a low emotional state rather than when I am happy and cheerful, and I vibrate high.

And of course, many people don’t want to be around cheerful and high-vibrating individuals especially if they are in a low place themselves. Therefore, they will do anything they can to bring them down, and in most of the time, they do it unknowingly.

And last but not least, the empath’s stillness may be perceived in the wrong way. Those people who feel insecure can get irritated easily by the empath’s aloofness and quiet nature.

They might interpret that as superior and snobby behavior. They fail to understand that the quietness of the empath is their way of dealing with their things. Because when they are overloaded – they shut off. Sadly, many individuals perceive this behavior as an insult to them.

Finally, dear empaths – don’t let someone’s rude behavior make you feel bad. Don’t let it dim your light. And remember – how someone treats you is having more to do with their unresolved issues than it has with you.

Image: Paulina Węgrzyn

Mary Wright