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The Happiest Couples Started Out Without Having Any Expectation Whatsoever


Some of the happiest couples who are madly in love started out casually. Some of these people didn’t even look for love, they didn’t even need someone to hold their hand and be their forever person.

They thought there were only interested in spending some time together in order to get to know each other better, but the deeper they dived into their souls, the more they fell in love with one another.

Some of these people had no intention of falling in love, no intention of engaging in a new relationship and giving their heart away to another human being. But, it happened anyway.

You know what they say… Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans. It’s like quiet background music that you are quite used to, but then the most amazing song comes on, and you stop everything you’re doing just to listen to it.

Some of the people who are madly, deeply and passionately in love started out as friends. They were nothing more than two best friends who always looked out for each other. They weren’t looking for a soulmate. They weren’t even desperate for a lifetime companion.

Yet, they somehow ended up into each other’s embrace.

They were so close to each other, so they decided to give the no-strings-attached relationship a go. They thought they could handle it since the feelings they had for each other were strictly friendly. Little did they know their casual, friendly bond would turn immediately into a passionate lifetime love.

After spending more intimate time together, after discovering their sexuality and addiction to each other, these people realized that they could never be friends again. Because, ever since they revealed that part of themselves, they realized that they wanted much more than meaningless, occasional sex.

They realized that the person who was their friend is now the person they were madly in love with. They finally became aware that their relationship had a much higher purpose for its existence.

The happiest couples never had any expectation about where their friendship is going to take them. They were happy being on their own. They didn’t need love to make their life more valuable.

But, they chose to commit and build a meaningful relationship because they wanted to, not because they were lonely and desperate for someone to keep them safe.

That is why the love they experienced is perhaps the purest version of love there is.

Stephanie Reeds