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The Happiest And Most Fulfilling Relationships Share This Key Characteristic


Real love doesn’t happen overnight. Infatuation might last a few days, weeks, months even. But love, oh love… True love is not found, nor born. It’s built. It’s constantly upgraded, enhanced, taken care of, well protected and most importantly, true love is shared.

So, when it comes to relationships, what in your opinion is the first and foremost factor that makes it work?

Is it about common goals? Or maybe a healthy and exciting sexual bond?

It is definitely not an easy question, because we all carry and nurture a different set of values.

But, even though our opinions about what makes a relationship work may differ, a recent study that involved thousands of couples tells a different story.

The study, conducted by John Helliwell, co-author of the UN World Happiness Report, discovered that the most important factor for a long-lasting relationship has nothing to with sex, nor common interests.

In fact, the study found that the most important and maybe the only key to a long, fulfilling and a happy relationship is whether you see your loving partner as your true friend.

This is particularly interesting and important to understand because there are still people who believe that marriage is an essential step in the evolution of the relationship and the affection between the partners.

Surprisingly, there are more and more people who are highly aware that their happiness doesn’t depend on marriage. There are more and more couples who base the prosperity of their relationship on nothing else but their self-created happiness.

This is something I’ve always believed in. Because, when you think about it, it makes sense.

The best relationship in your life will be with your one, true soulmate.

And, tell me, is there anyone more precious than your best friend?

When you become friends long before you become lovers, you have the opportunity to meet this person not only as your partner but also as a human being. You get to see what makes them passionate, what drives them wild, what sets them on fire, what makes their eyes glisten with tears or their smile sparks.

You get to face their demons, experience their bright side and explore the dark depths of their souls. You get to touch every little part of their heart and meet every identity that resides in their body.

For that is the only way to truly connect with a person.

Why else would you enter a relationship and accept to be a part of another person’s life if you don’t know anything about them besides their name, age, and job?

The fundamental factors for a loving and healthy bond, whether you’re married or not, are mutual giving, mutual understanding, mutual respecting and mutual joy.

The accent is put on mutual for a reason. A relationship is a two-way street.

You cannot expect to get something if you don’t give first.

Because, relationships are not just about enjoying the good moments, and waiting for the storm to pass. It is holding hands, even when you’re both lost in the darkness. It’s staying close to each other even when you’re hopelessly wandering, waiting for the storm to pass.

Relationships are about compassion. Understanding. Solidarity. Unity. Togetherness. Happiness.

Remember. This is the combination that will get you through every hailstorm in life.

Image source: llchloe

Stephanie Reeds