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The Empath And The Narcissist – Two People Drawn Together Who Can Never Be With One Another


Say what you will about the phrase “opposites attract,” but sometimes that statement holds true. Night and day, hot and cold, light and dark, these are all things that are so different from one another, yet are so strongly attracted to one another. The same is often true for people too. 

There are two completely opposite kinds of people who are all wrong for each other but are somehow still dangerously attracted. They are the empath and the narcissist – two people drawn together who can never be with one another.

Like Moths to a Flame

What do most people want when they enter a relationship? For most people, the answer is simply to love and to be loved, to find someone to share their lives with. For some, however, the answer is quite different.

Of course, empaths want the same things in a relationship, but they want more than that too. Additionally, they want to find someone that they can heal. Although that desire may be subconscious, it’s there.

Narcissists, on the other hand, want someone that they can control. Who better for that role than someone who always wants to see the good in others?

Who better than the empath?

So, they come together like magnets. Each wants something different and each of them can find that in the other. However, being together will end in disaster.

A Sinister Agenda

The truth is that the narcissist only has one thing on their mind – manipulation.

They don’t really want love, they want a puppet, someone that they can use for their own gain and drain of all their energy.

Sadly, all the empath sees is a broken person who they want to help. That is what will be their downfall in the end.

You see, no matter how hard the empath may try, they cannot change the narcissist. This toxic person will stop at nothing to manipulate, control, and hurt their victim. No matter how genuine they pretend to be, or how well they play the game, they have a very dark agenda in mind.

The Empath Must Choose

Denial will get them nowhere. Hoping, praying, and ignoring their mistakes will get them nowhere. When in a relationship like this, the only thing that they can do is to look objectively at the situation. They must open their eyes and see the monster that they have chosen to be with.

Then, they will need to decide where to go from there. Despite the urge to stay and continue trying to heal someone who can never be healed, they need to look after their own interests for once.

They must choose to admit their mistakes.

They must choose to leave before it’s too late.

This was a situation that they chose to be in, and now it’s time for them to take a different path. If they can see that, then they have a chance at rebuilding their life before the narcissist destroys it completely.

Despite how different they are, there is an immense attraction between empaths and narcissists. However, that attraction is simply toxic. A relationship between these two will never work out. In the end, it will be the empath who suffers the most, while the narcissist gains from their destruction.

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Eva Jackson