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The Difference Between An Immature Relationship And A Mature One


Real love is not something we “fall” for. Mature people don’t fall in love – they rise in love. Immature couples, on the other hand, “fall in love” because they fail to understand that love is something you step into it and get it right.

Love should be easy. It should be like breathing. When it’s the real thing, there is no place for arguments, calling names, being abusive and violent and then make-up sex. There shouldn’t be any obsessive behavior such as obsessive texting, calling, and overthinking.

Drama is for immature people, people who don’t know what they want in a relationship. People who live by uninformed, preconceived beliefs that love must be obsessive, wild, and fiery.

No. Love should be easy. It should be the easiest thing you have ever done. It should calm your heart and mind. It should feel like the coziest blanket that keeps you warm. It should make you feel safe. Love is something that should happen organically, without forcing it.

When two people love each other and they want to be together, there is a peace of mind between them.

An immature relationship is full of doubts and questions – Do they love me? Are they cheating on me? Will our relationship last? A mature relationship, on the other hand, never asks, never fears, never doubts. Because it already knows all the answers and therefore it is free of worries and full of comfort.

Immature relationships always leave you empty. A mature relationship gives you everything you need and more. It doesn’t leave you feeling like you have been robbed out of something. A mature relationship leaves no voids. It has no cracks.

An immature relationship is between two incomplete people who try to become a whole. A mature relationship, however, is between two partners who remain the same individuals. They don’t strive to become one, they only strive to become better people.

Couples in an immature relationship argue over text messages; those in a mature relationship solve their problems face-to-face.

Partners in an immature relationship always feel threatened by other people. Those in a mature relationship are not. They enjoy meeting other people. They don’t feel threatened by past lovers or strangers. They are confident in themselves and in their love for one another. Immature relationships, on the other hand, don’t have a strong foundation and that’s why they see a threat in everything and everyone.

Finally, immature relationships are judgmental, and they live by preconceived timelines. Mature relationships know that it’s best to let things happen naturally. They don’t judge you on your past, they help you carry it. Because they believe in the future you have together.

Mary Wright