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The Dark Side Of Being An Empath Is Having A Deep Sense Of Not Belonging

The Dark Side Of Being An Empath Is Having A Deep Sense Of Not Belonging

Empaths. I swear to you, they carry all the love in the world. All the generosity, all the warmth, all the patience, and all the compassion is right there. Right there inside those pretty, little, vulnerable hearts. These people are our guides, our guardians, our supporters, and our angels.

They are there to lend us a hand, pick us up when we’re unable to do it ourselves,  help us carry the load that is weighing us down and slowly suffocating us,  push us forward and give us the strength to never ever give up.

Put simply, empaths are our gift from God. Call it destiny, universe, The force,  if you want it. It is your choice. All I know is that these people are there to show us the way. And it is an honor. The fact that they can be there for everyone and bring smiles to people’s faces is one of the most motivating things to them. It is what gives them the strength to wake up each day and carry on with their mission. It is what gives a purpose in life.

Being gifted with the ability to have a highly intuitive and perceptive nature and truly experience what others are experiencing is truly encouraging and inspiring to these people.

But just like everything else in life, there is also a dark side to having an empathic soul.

If you are one then you know that despite the honor of being gifted with clairsentience, being in an empath in today’s world is a struggle. Mostly because of how lonely it can sometimes get.

Yes, empaths are always surrounded by people they care about, people they instantly connect with but very rarely do these people actually understand how empaths feel. In most cases, it is the empath who always feels with others, not the other way around. That is the main reason why these fragile, human beings often feel like they don’t fit in anywhere. It is why they often go through life all alone by themselves, without having anyone to confide in or help them find the peace that they need.

It is sad really, knowing that a very small group of people in the world will ever be able to hear and see you the way others cannot. What’s even sadder is perhaps the fact that life is too short enough as it is to come across all of those people and find shelter in their arms.

But it is as it is. Life goes and everything flows the way it is supposed to. And even them, even empaths eventually find their path in life. One way or another, they look for the things that empower them and help them feel like themselves again. They seek things that bring joy to their lives. Things that make them feel understood and appreciated. And like that, ultimately they find their own place under the stars.

Stephanie Reeds