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The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Woman Who Loves Fearlessly

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With A Woman Who Loves Fearlessly

We all say that we’re capable of loving. We all use those three magical words to describe our feelings to another human being. But not all of us love truly. Not all of us understand the meaning of the word ‘unconditionally’.

We think we do until life faces us with a challenge and forces us to prove our love to another person. Right then and there we realize that unconditional love is much more than just words.

The truth is, everyone can say I LOVE YOU, but only a few people will love you the real way. Only a few people will see you for who you are and accept you.  If you’ve found this woman by now, you are a lucky person. For the woman who loves fearlessly will be the best thing that ever happened to you:

1. She will never give up on you. A woman who is not afraid to open her heart and let you inside her world will not give up on you, no matter how broken, flawed and hurt you are. Don’t get me wrong. She won’t see you as a project, but rather as a human being who needs her help.

2. She will do her best to help you heal your wounds. This woman knows how it feels to be completely shattered. She knows how it feels to be broken inside. She’s been hurt before, so she feels your pain. She won’t be afraid to take care of you and heal your brokenness. She’s a fixer.

3. She will always see the best in you. As I said, no matter how damaged, hurt or broken you are, she will always find a way to see the best in you. She will look past your flaws and notice your potential. She will accept your imperfections and love you for who you are. A woman who loves fearlessly will be your greatest motivation.

4. She will not be afraid of your dark sides. In fact, she will embrace them the way she embraced your bright sides. She won’t be scared of your demons. They’ll play well with hers.

5. She will show you the real meaning of the word LOVE. For the first time in your life,  you’ll learn what’s like to really be loved. She will open her heart and give you all the support and affection that you always craved. She’ll take care of you like no one took care of you before. And she’ll do it without expecting anything in return.

6. She will always choose to forgive you instead of blaming you. She will always see you for your heart, not your actions. And no matter how hard it seems, she will always put herself in your shoes and do her best to understand you.

7. She will support you every step of the way. A woman who loves fearlessly will put her faith in you and trust your decisions. Even if you fail. Even if you make a mistake. No matter where life takes you, she’ll always be there to hold your hand and inspire you to keep moving on.

Stephanie Reeds